The SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has sliding plates to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, plus a sliding pla. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Pro Head ” and save 54% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as. Model: Manfrotto SPH. VR Head Type: Multi-Row Spherical Panoramic Tripod Mount. Weight: lb (2 kg). Dimensions: 32 cm. Load Capacity: 4 kg. Color.

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The manual is enough to give you a start ahead.

Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Head Kit – SPH B&H

The hole where you insert the screws are threaded. You can select up to three heads to compare with Manfrotto SPH. Have you ever shot a of a location where there is important detail on the ground that makes a location significant mmanfrotto unique to any other place? Through the years we have owned several panoramic heads, but always come back to Manfrotto. Prevents screws from accidentally falling out. Even then it’s not enough in my personal opinion.

Then, not to forget, you would lose the nodal calibration. The upper bracket has grooves underneath 303sh matches the rails’ tracks.

If you want to shoot scenes with lots of movement, you might be better off with a one-shot bowl adapter, but be prepared to show up in your own images ; The SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Head Kit IS a bulky device, but it can be folded so this is not your biggest concern.


The value of this item is just great, purchasing this you get 3 systems in the price of one. The vertical arm has a groove 2 Upper rotator detail. This head sadly does not allow precise positioning, we will have to make jump through hoops to find the correct positions. By continuing to browse the site you confirm that you accept the use of 303spg and that you have read and accepted the Terms of service and Privacy.

Manfrotto 303 SPH : Specifications and Opinions

Short rail demarcations are from. The weight is not what I call heavy for my own hand, but for some 303ph it might be considered heavy. The fantastic results you can get from it quickly puts your mind on other things.

I could go on to list building defects, but it seems clear that this is not SPH makes life easier but complicates. You need to set the nodal point position manually, having a lot of fortune. Lines that mark the centers of the plates that you will need to move later on or to align with your camera as a beginning, making it easy to fit your camera without reading the numbers on the rulers they are there already to compare and find the middle point.

And the results were excellent, with the final image well aligned and properly stitched. But when it comes to the fact that this device can be used as a turntable for creating a VR object, as it is mentioned in the manual as well, there is no real elaboration for how to do it exactly.

First the good stuff. You do it by joining JuzaPhotoit is easy and free! I find this technique easier than “looking at two objects at a distance” technique.


Make sure the VR head 1 is properly leveled. No worries, it comes pre-assembled. Did the engineers forget this detail? I can’t comment on that. Packaging Info Package Weight 6.

Mobile Version – juza.

Manfrotto SPH review

Can not set the nodal point at the point of rotation with adequate precision. However, it worked fabulously. Visit it, then get this head and start working. This head is absolutitely unprecise, impossible to set the camera exactly where I need because the scales are usefulness. Personally I would rather have a shot of the nadir.

This head and the work I have done with it have been my main source of income since the day I got it. From the small rough movies we could make in the late 90s mwnfrotto the huge super detailed full screen panoramas of today. In this the tables that are in the network are satisfactory and quite precise. As you will have to spend time readjusting back to the entrance pupil. Before buying this head I made the workshop a simple hack to place the focal point in his place.

Ease of rail adjustments. I’m planning ahead on taking it with my luggage to the outside and I do have some concerns about this matter.