Authors. Alasdair MacIntyre. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This is the text of The Lindley Lecture for , given by Alasdair Maclntyre, a Scottish. Patriotism, on this view, is essential for living a morally good life. MacIntyre’s argument (in his Lindley Lecture, “Is Patriotism a Virtue?. 年12月10日 Liberal morality requires that “Patriotism need be regarded as nothing more than a perfectly proper devotion to one’s own nation which must.

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Exploring this middle ground has led some philosophers to construct positions si both the universal and the particular point of view — both the mandates of universal justice and claims of common humanity, and the concern for the patria and compatriots.

Extreme patriots will also fight for pattiotism in whatever way it takes to win. Bernard Bosanquet – – Freeport, N. MasonMason goes on to claim: It tends to encourage militarism, and makes for international tension and conflict.

Alasdair MacIntyre, Is patriotism a virtue? – PhilPapers

One may derive significant psychological benefit from membership in and identification with a society or polity: This may or may not be relevant to the question of patriotism, depending on just what we take the point of princely rule to be. If I can live and flourish as a moral agent only as a member of my community, while playing the role this membership involves, then my very identity is bound up with that of my community, its history, traditions, institutions, and aspirations.

This is only a definition. Likewise with the serial killer who has ceased to be human. The same moral value, sympathy for and assistance to people in need, grounds a certain degree of concern for others as a general moral duty and explains why a significantly higher degree of such concern is a moral ideal. Really it seems that only more and more authoritarian regimes will be able to meet these urgent demands, and isolated individuals or small communities will have no way to respond to them but to comply.


Do we owe them a debt of gratitude for the benefits of life among them?

Finally, moderate patriotism is not uncritical, unconditional, or egocentric. Added to PP index Total downloads 38, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 13 37, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Thus patriotism and nationalism are understood as the same type of set of beliefs and attitudes, and distinguished in terms of their objects, rather than the macntyre of those beliefs and attitudes, or as sentiment vs.

MacIntyre and the Morality of Patriotism

If a benefit is conferred inadvertently, or advisedly but for the wrong reason e. However, both Baron and Nathanson fail nacintyre distinguish clearly between showing that their preferred type of patriotism is morally unobjectionable and showing that it is morally required or virtuous, and sometimes seem to be assuming that by showing the former, they are also showing the latter.

Patriotism and Human Rights: Simon Keller has examined patriotism from this point of view, and found it wanting. Since the rise of the nation-state, it has been widely held that some form of nationalism is indispensable as a pre-political basis of the unity of the state that makes for solidarity among citizens and provides them with motivation to participate in public life and make sacrifices for the common good.

Kedourie, Elie,Nationalism3 rd edition, London: New Society Publishers, 51—, — History of Western Philosophy. And these groups and activities structure me — alter the kind of being I am: But a person whose love for her country was not expressed in any special concern for it would scarcely be considered a patriot.


It is not unbridled: If it could, other types of partialism, such as tribalism, racism, or sexism, would by the same token prove morally valuable too. What is the case for the claim that moderate patriotism is morally mandatory — that we have a duty of special concern for the well-being of our country and compatriots, similar to special duties to family or friends?

Patriotism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

There is also a view of patriotic duty that, in contrast to the consequentialist account, does not dissolve, but rather highlight this relationship. Some of these objections can easily be countered.

Patriotism in a Multicultural SocietyCambridge: They establish a division of moral labor, necessary because our capacity of doing good is limited by our resources and circumstances.

These benefits are made possible by cooperation of those who live in the country, participate in the enterprise, owe and render allegiance to the polity. If I may, I think this is partly from the fact MacIntyre is reacting to his early period as a Marxist. Wait what does that even have to do with anything I wrote? These end-states perfect or fully actualize some set of dispositions, some potentiality. Perhaps we can think of compatriots as an aggregate of individuals. Freedom is only a certain sociopolitical situation that we might attain if we do not first go extinct.