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Species is the etymon of two Spanish terms especia and especie. The constituents of a group of derivatives have ordinarily been called doublets whether the group consists of two words or of more than two; the majority of doublet groups, indeed, consist of only two terms, as the name implies. Me ha lastimado, seiiora, como al que mas.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

The incenses of the planets. In the following passage a similar confusion of spelling exists, but there can be no doubt that colere in the modern sense was what was in the writer’s mind.

An obsolescent figurative use of communiquer, com- mon in the seventeenth century meant ‘to take part in,’ — a connotation closely allied to that of the popular form. Thise Azimutz serven to know the costes of the firmament. These terms are disseminated from scholarly sources — books, learned conversation, scientific discussions, lectures, etc.

It must be wrapped with white taffeta and suspended from the collar, with white taffeta or white silk ribbon or silver, from the left side. Paris,5th ed. Of these, hostal is obsolete, hospital is learned and hotel is a gallicism which has become universal among urban populations.

The differentiation took place within the given language and should be care- 26 The Semantics of Doublets fully differentiated from those cases in which the differ- entiation was made outside the language in question.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon (Les Veritables Clavicules de Salomon) (Abognazar) (EXCERPTS)

William D wight Whitney, writing in in his Life and Growth of Language, pointed out the lack of attention thus far given to the study of the science of significations. Villehardouin text in G.


Compare with Agrippa, De Occ. It will suffice only to bless it and incense it like the knife, while saying: A parallel development exists in the case of ka Russian krestyanin S2 The Semantics of Doublets which has come to mean a ‘peasant’ or ‘country fellow;’ while khrestyanin, a learned form from the Old Bulgarian, has been borrowed to indicate ‘Christian.

En cause que used as ah adverbial conjunction is found in Middle French: It may be used alone in a neutral sense, or modified by bon, mauvais or malheureux: Take equal portions of gold and iron and combine them together on approximately the 24th of July on the hour of the Sun.

Then throwing it into the air, and catching it without it falling to the ground, say these words: That being done, cast lz an incense suitable for the operation for which you are exorcising, while saying: The modem French term cheptel owes its speUing to etymological restoration, the p not being pronounced. Comificus, Ad Herrenium, 4, Boule — bulle — bouille — bilK bulla.

II tira le coustel qui lui pendoit au destre et lui dist. The association of rude manners with country folk is not peculiarly a French de- velopment; Spanish rustico serves as the designation of a coarse or awkward fellow as well as to signify ‘countri- fied’ or rustic.

And on the other side engrave these words: The translator of Les quatre Livres des Rots pointed out this poverty of vocabulary in the vulgar tongue in the following lines of his introduction. Similarly, it is sometimes necessary to have a clean burner to put the fire for the incense. Moreover, our etymtological knowledge has been greatly enriched since the appearance of Thomsen ‘s study.

Bola is the general term for spherical shaped objects. Saipence Spanish doublets abur ahur, agur are merely orthographical variantsagUero and augurio show sem- antic development similar to the French. The difference in meaning between these two terms in the modern language developed in the Late Latin of the law courts.

Zeitschrift filr romanische Philologie. Monsieur le Prince n’en sera pas quitte pour quarante mille ecus. O Eternal God, wise, strong, mighty, Being of Beings, Creator of the world, come to this place and sanctify it with your presence and your majesty, that the purity, the chastity, and the abundance of your law may reside in this place.


This derivation is accepted by G. Then shalt thou prostrate thyself upon the ground, with thy face towards the earth, before the incense beginneth to fume, keeping the fire of the same beneath the carpet, holding thy wand upright, against which to rest thy chin; thou shalt hold with thy right hand the aforesaid strip of parchment against thy forehead, and thou shalt say the following words: Puis raza rez pied rez terre, toute la forteresse.

Lois de GuiUaume Bartsch, The angels of the planets. Cause represents the Classical Latin causa and is of distinctly ecclesiastical origin: The nature of the French language has prevented the lew of groups consisting lee members so remotely related as Skeat’s; but groups derived from etyma that are not identical are fairly common in these lists.

The modem cherte seems to be built upon the adjective cher; the words cherte and charite are not true doublets but appear so ls their external form.

Reis et reis li tranchait roreille. Staff for all the operations. Froissart, Chroniques, ii, Les Esprits des Planettes. As one cannot do without a dagger in the operations, you will have someone prepare one of very fine steel; whose handle will be of the same nature, which you will wash as you did in preparing the sword, and having wiped it you must set it up clavocules the point on a small pedestal of boxwood.

By perpetual use, however, this euphemism has become quite as “objection- able” as the specific term. Vera ilia et derecta ratio vivendi veri et justi ratione. There is also a total absence of corrections in spite of the occasional errors and especially dislocations.