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In May she released her first book about her still active transition to breatharianism.

If you’re caught up in the daily henrii of being a victim, of control, of fear, of suffering – all that you place inside you interferes with your vibration. It is in this magical world of the Grand Large, the Ocean and wild winds that he made contact with the Forces of Nature.

She really loved him. He even beat me up when I was three months pregnant. The universal Spirit and Akashiques archives tell that one time ago when all the beings were fed laa the pranic strengths.

The time spent with my granddad was the most valuable thing I had and lived. Shaman and therapist, he lives now in Nantes where he began his Pranic Nourishment experience. The raised marks on my body were so awful that I wore tights and jumpers all the time to cover them up. Henri Monfort Born inat the end point of Brittany in France on the Pointe du Raz and it is in that magical world of wilderness with the ocean and the wind that he got contact with the forces of nature.

He sleeps two to four hours a day and sometimes does not sleep for days. The human organism knows how to live without absorbing of conventional food. Later she resorted to drinking and her nourritue was influenced by that.


Pranicka Vyziva

I always felt that he was very important for me but I could only appreciate it in my adulthood. I listened compassionately to the women who are still scared to confront their aggressive fathers, husbands and lovers and I was swallowing my tears while listening to the unhappy men with big tears in their eyes confiding in me: He grew up in a small village in very montort conditions where women had to equal men at work but had to obey, work and shut their mouths.

Still beeing skeptical he started 10 years of research around the globe, searching for traces, evidence and skeptical scrutiny prankque this human mystery.

I know that she cried but she never stopped him. These individuals are known as breatharians, solarians, waterians, or pranarians, and they come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and all corners of the world. He loved forests, working with wood, people and life itself. We are in the beginning of new one paradigm in which the extraordinary impact invites us in all to participate.

Well, I laughed it off and I had to confess I did not understand or perhaps even believe it that much. How can my ethereal expansible personality pour all this out on paper?

He lived for one year in the forest, without technology or contact to civilisation, spent a half year in an indian ashram and experienced the Pranic Process.

Sample of book PDF format. To be a human, you need some merit.

I loved them so much. He went through a one-month intense Retreat on Costa Rica and encountered his pure light in the sacred Valley of Peru. Because all of us are vibratory before to be biological, we are all beings of light and reconnection to the heart allows the emergence of a full consciousness as well as to regain his rightful place within the quantum unified field. Publicado por joan fliz en 7: Then, when this mode of food is anchored, it is not necessary any more to think of it. When I spoke to my relatives and people who knew her they all agreed what a very beautiful, smart and jolly girl and woman she used to be.


Bi Gu is a several thousand years old Chinese method which allows a change of diet, so that one will be able to live wholly or partly on cosmic energy and to correspondingly renounce earthly food. When Henri Monfort asked me to share my life story in his book I pretended to be invisible and deaf as if I could not understand what he meant. He never experienced any kindness in his life.

To start with, I would like to say that it is a confession of a loving daughter, sister, aunt and granddaughter, mother and grandmother.

Henri Monfort Shamanisme et nourriture pranique ‹ Terra Nova Incognita

Who is not dedicated to only one tradition, he is trying to experience all sacred secrets of all: Through the grace monforr the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves:.

Today we visit the vast and multifaceted country of Brazil in Latin America to speak with Oberon Silva, a big-hearted breatharian who has a profound respect for life. So it’s hard for you to live this happiness – I’m talking about this continuous happiness, this awareness of being happy.