Nicholas Kollerstrom is a Holocaust revisionist or denier and the author of Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. This page contains links to a. have to remember that this was during the cold war; tensions were running high, and we North A Walk to Remember Dear John Nicholas Sparks. Buy Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PH D James H Fetzer from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones.

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The gassing stories started to be fed back into Poland by the BBC in Meyer, Osteuropa, Mayp. For a time in the early s, there was only one non-Jew in the Central Committee of the ruling Hungarian Communist Party.

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Review and Commentary – Malcolm Nicholson

He would write science books at quite a rate, and had a forthcoming book about the Jung-Pauli correspondence. To kollerstgom the danger posed by the Holocaust religion and its fol- lowers is to be complicit in a growing crime against humanity and against every possible human value. This is a post-Iraq treatise because only after the trauma of that ghastly war based upon utter kollerstom do we collectively become capable of doubting that the victorious allies administered Justice, pure and impartial, at Nu- remberg.

A definition of Holocaust denial could here be relevant. But let that college cease claiming to be the bastion of freedom of thought which it was set up to be. I suggest this story, from twenty-five centuries ago, has a great deal of relevance to what you are kollerstdom to read. This was alleged to have been used in homicidal gas chambers.

The big textbooks only specify the locations of alleged human gas chambers at Auschwitz, and so the collecting of wall samples has all taken place there. We should reject unconditionally the value of confessions made under torture. So the story changed, and the famous roof-holes made their appearance: Illusion versus Reality 36 3. Hoss’s letter of apology to wife for bogus confession not delivered.

Also see David Aaronovitch This process is rather slower than in the case of cyanide, i. And it wasn’t just our corrupt media, the BBC, Sunday newspapers, radio stations; oh no, it was blogs as well.


For the sociologist this is a very important point because a soci- ety s taboos reveal what it holds sacred. If we insist upon the centrality of the chemical-physical evidence, we kol,erstrom succeed. Out of bounds and locked away, the brekaing delousing chambers have walls a-glow with blue – blue for the same reason that a tube of blue oil paint has that colour: She wondered about the brea,ing tion of Native Americans.

Wikipedia has wpell recent figures: Remains of the small delous- ing chambers, 10 cubic metres bresking volume, exist at the four camps Ausch- witz, Birkenau, Dachau and Monowitz. Retrieved from ” https: Europe needs open debate, by all means with rage and fury – yes, let the rage and fury come out – but if so with moderators who will suspend the debate if it descends into insult, and if necessary expel anyone.

It has six hundred pages of rather small print, and you may prefer reading the web-version. The totemic figure of Six Million Jews is real, as being the best estimate of the total number of Jews who have applied for financial reparations from Germany kollesrtrom the grounds of being a “Holocaust survivor.

Let the Light shine in. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

That is the crux of the matter. The concept is absurd, whichever way one looks at it. Rivers flowed around it; the site was chosen for its water and coal, to enable all the heavy industry there, which was the purpose of its existence. Jul 19, Ryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: The revealed information does not expose a program of mass murder and racial genocide. France has as of November passed two Holocaust Denial laws, the second being for the supposed Armenian genocide.

After I was expelled, the group disintegrated, for there was nothing further it could do. A Holocaust Denier is someone who recognizes this fact. Yet, that sufficed to bring a world focus of attention upon them – they had been successfully written out of history until then. The spell will be broken. Naively, I did not ap- prehend that what I reckoned or hoped to be a scientific question was ap- parently more like a deeply religious one.

A Triune Concept No-one speaks of a “holocaust” of Native Americans, though nine- tenths of them were wiped out by the white man, nor of a holocaust of Russians and Slavs during World War II, 25 nor of the Congo; or, if you wanted to, it would have a small “h. Did you approve of the Vatican allowing scientists to date a part of the Turin Shroud by carbon- 14? Nicholas Kollerstrom, Breaking the Spell 49 Alice in Numberland People used to believe in bars of soap and lamp- shades made from the bodi- ly parts of Jewish victims of the gas chambers.


In Kollerstrom received a grant from the Royal Astronomical Society to work on the classification of correspondence related to the discovery of Neptune. Soon after my eviction from UCL, I received a notice of ethical damnation from him, which he felt obliged to send me, explaining that he would not want to have discussion about the matter and advising me not to try and speak to him if I met him.

Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

Decades later, however, Levi appeared with a greatly “enhanced” memory of the fabled gas chambers. It was a moral one, about my ethical damnation, my sin of Heresy, my breakign exclusion from decent company.

As Kollerstrom breaikng, Zyklon B was used at the labor camps, not as a method of extermination but for the sake of maintaining hygiene among the inmates. Rudolf Hoss was seized by a British army hit team and tortured un- til he gave his torturers the story they wanted.

I had done something so awful that we could not even discuss the matter. Entering Germany after the war, the victorious Allies saw burnt-out cities like lunar landscapes, and German labour camps with their piles of dead bodies.

The Hillel statement is a sterling tribute to the power of one dogged, under-funded, truth-campaigner. Clearly the man- agers of this archive are not at liberty to tell of this or they would be jailed for so awful a crime.