I’ve always heard that Sanchin and Tensho are the most important katas in the Goju system (and are equally important in Kyokushin). Sanchin kata is the fundamental kata of Goju ryu and other Naha-Te karate styles . While it looks basic and simple, in reality it takes years to master. Here are. This page will help you to learn Sanchin, one of the katas used in Goju-Ryu Karate. Meaning of the Sanchin kata is “Three Battles”.

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There are currently 2 users online. It is important to have a stable posture when fighting. I had no idea.

We spent katw year on it before moving on to other forms. The beginning of a correct technique is correct posture, which is to straighten the spine, pull in the chin, and tilt pelvis up. Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo took the principles of the jiu-jitsu he had learned as a young man, removed the crippling techniques, created rules for competition, and emphasized throws.

– Sanchin Kata Fundamentals

This prompted tactics involving use of both hands equally to contro lthe centre line and clear defenses and strike. Samchin word of warning: The fact of the matter is that the Okinawan version of sanchin kata, no matter what the school or ryu, derives from forms originating from mainland China.

Breaking stuff is a skill he has developed over time, and his body mata adapted to it throughout the years. Many advanced breathing techniques are exercised in this stance. You’ll have heard of the principles of float, sink, spit and swallow lift, drop, express and receive make more sense in English.


Kanbun Uechi sabchin another version of Sanchin kata to Okinawa, aroundand began teaching what would later be known as Uechi-ryu. Many will claim they know the true and correct history of sanchin kata, but factors such as where one chooses to begin and end can create one of many versions of the same history.

The stance is fixed and tensed. Sanchin kata is given a place of honor and respect within the many karate systems that use it, yet it is often not explained, taught, or examined with the intensity and depth required to gain better understanding.

Sanchin & The 4 Secrets of The Skill of Strength

It is therefore possible to continue jata and practicing strong karate as you get older, when this kata is used. It is only possible to touch upon a handful of points on the timeline with reasonable assurance when looking at the history of sanchin kata.

A body strengthened with bodybuilding will have an adverse effect. I think Sanchin is simply in the doing. The sanchin kata of Goju Ryu is notably similar in principles and movements to the sam chien of Ngo Cho Kun.

Weapons – Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

A ton of food for thought here – love the Kris Wilder quotes and the bunkai in Ryan Parker’s video, and watching the four different performances of four different versions of this kata was absolutely fascinating. This powerful stance is used in the multitude of katas attributed to Kanryo Higashionna, from Sanchin to Suparimpei. Magic, skill, or simply eanchin awesomeness?


Sanchin. The Three Battles of Kyokushin Karate

Breath control also keeps the body oxygenated and improves stamina. Hi all, Before I contribute, I wanted to mention being new here that I’ve been following this forum for a while now, and have been consistently impressed with the ideas shared in this space, particularly in regards to realistic bunkai applications.

It is one of the simplest forms to learn, yet one of the most difficult to perfect. Sosai Oyama considered the three most important principles of kata training to be the tempo of technique, the points of power stress, and breath kaga.

Sanchin appears in the Shukokai syllabus as well via it’s Shito-Ryu and therefore Goju ancestry. You can also subscribe without commenting.

The Double-Edged Sword – Sanchin

I believe the Okinawan versions that do it were also originally doing some variation on Iron Shirt, but I don’t know if it was forgotten or just different to how I learned it.

Some versions have katw hands and others have closed hands.

Essentially, Sanchin is the geometry to other kata’s carpentry. So here is what you do: