Section 1: Rules of the Road. 1 INTRODUCTION . .. 1. 2 ACRONYMS AND DEFINITIONS. South Africa Learner Driver Signal Book K53 e Booklet. July 18, | Author: Vimal Durairaj | Category: Traffic, Wheeled Vehicles, Transport Infrastructure. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner’s license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app.

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As jy bo-op die randsteen beland.

K53 e Booklet

Beweeg met veiligheid oor na die ander laan. The left-hand outside mirror.

Any violation of a road traffic sign. Coming out of the slipway make sure that there are no oncoming traffic before you move into another lane. The gear lever is in neutral. Thanks for registering on our site. Remove the nuts the rest of the way. Just before stopping at a stop sign or anywhere else: Binnekajuit Voorrit-inspeksieprosedure Ook mondelings genoem aan die toetsbeampte.

Jy mag nie stilhou: Road signs and road markings 25 questions 3. Plaas die rathefboom in neutraal en wag vir die ander bestuurders se verkeerslig om na oranje oor te slaan.


K53 Learning | Book

Wanneer dit veilig nooklet, hou aan beweeg en ry om die sirkel en dan reguit aan. Nadat jy daar gestop het: Ten slotte, kyk in die blindekol in die rigting waarheen jy draai, voordat jy begin draai. Finally, check the blind spot in the direction you are turning into, before turning.

Bring jou voertuig tot stilstand, sonder om die wiele te laat sluit — oor die kortste moontlike afstand.

Check your blind spot to the LEFT again. How to drive a car Thius is how you drive a car Or dont drive a car. That the seat is in the correct position for driving.

Emergency stop You will be given the command to stop!! If you stop on top of it, you are obstructing the traffic that is supposed to turn there — resulting into the immediate termination of your road test.

Phasa ilenazi yakho kalula

Lower the car to the ground fully and remove the jack. Check right and left before entering the intersection. See this video regarding illegal trapping http: The steering method as for the rest of your life Defensive driving K53 prescribes that the steering wheel must be held in a very specific manner: Now you can start moving, but as soon as you start turning, check your blind spot over your RIGHT shoulder, because you are moving backwards.


Remember to check your blind spot to the LEFT as the last action, before turning. Kyk regs en links voor jy die kruising binnegaan. However, the program was also designed in such bookket way that after a minimum of 10 tests has been completed, all the questions in the database will have been viewed at least once.

Download the K53 rules of the road and traffic signs FREE Download

Know your rights when it comes to speed traps. Indicate in the direction you are turning into. Gear down to second gear. Clutch control as for the rest of your life Make sure that you establish booklet control, before you deactivate the emergency brake.

You can see in all three mirrors. Put the vehicle in first gear.