MVS and JES2 Commands. MVS Commands Cheat Sheet. R n,,NOREQ: Normal JES2 startup reply; K E,D: Erase bottom display area an console; K A,NONE. a “quick reference” to JES2 commands. Who This Book Is For. This book is intended for use by a system console operator who controls JES2 on a. Jobs 6 – 15 OS/VS2JCL. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS System Commands. Operator’s Library: OSjVS2 MVS JES2 Command. Language Reference Summary.

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The job resumes normal processing.

MVS and JES2 Command Cheat Sheet

Places a copy of the output currently printing on printer 1 in the print queue to create duplicate output. Displays the jobs waiting to print or punch at the operators remote terminal. These criteria are commonly used:. Adds forms to printer 1s work selection, and the form on the output group and output device must match before ues2 slash.

This command only affects jobs currently in the queue. Displays the number of jobs waiting to print or punch. PR n to cancel printer n. For problems or questions regarding this web contact Bob. Sets printer 2 to form Routes the reffrence output of job to the host computer.


Releases all jobs with numbers ranging from 2 commznd For the operand typesubstitute one of these values: A single-character verb that identifies the action to take. For the operand typesubstitute one of these values:. They can reprint or repunch part of the output without restarting the entire job.

Removes forms from printer 1s work selection, which means all forms can print. Operators can use this command to print applications requiring special forms. After the slash, the limit is preferred but not necessary.

JES2 commands

Forward spaces the output one page on printer 1. For the operand R yysubstitute one of these values: Where nnnn is the number of the job to purge. RD n to start reader n. For example, RD1 is reader 1 and PR2 is printer 2.

Table of Contents (exploded view)

The second operand gives the number of pages or cards to forward space or tells the device to forward space to the end of the current data set. Where dev is the device to stop. I know that in creating these WEB pages that document the syntax that 1 I have introduced errors just by attempting to type, 2 I have probably used incorrect terminology in some places — many years back we gave the commands our own unofficial names, 3 sometimes when trying to remember back I get confused between HASP and JES2.

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If only one device is available, the copy prints or punches after the current activity completes.

Deletes header and trailer pages from each job on printer 1. If you do not specify a number, the system backspaces the printer one page or one line. Operators can use this command when printer or punch malfunctions produce distorted output. If the device encounters the end of a data set during a forward space, printing or punching resumes at the beginning of the next data set.

JES2 commands for RJE

If you specify multiple route codes, JES considers them to be in priority order and prefers a match with the first route geference. Where nnnn is the number of a job to cancel. JES2 commands limit job or device manipulation to the remote operators jurisdiction.

When the small jobs complete, the operator can resume printing the large job.

Places all jobs ranging from to on hold. Routes job s print output to the host computer.