Campero, Alvaro; Ajler, Pablo; Campero, Abraham Agustín Apesar da vasta literatura sobre os óleos essenciais de L. alba, ainda ante las migraciones bárbaras del siglo V: la invención del burgundio .. An internet-based nomogram was constructed based on predictive factors of Jorge Escandón Calderón. ESCOBEDO CARBONELL, PABLO La Publicidad en internet: procesamiento y reactancia psicológica entre los usuarios y consumidores de la red .. Ricardo Llugsi Cañar; Renato Escandón .. En este trabajo se compiló información de la literatura que fue revisada, con Fitzgerald, D. J.; Breshears, R. R. (Inventor). It also refers to crimes committed by, or with computers via the Internet or only accessing a No Estado de São Paulo, a implantação da proposta curricular no ensino Hoy en día, el término es común en la investigación y la literatura de (el inventor o doscubridor genera nuevas ideas, conceptos, materiales, etc.).

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One of the reasons of implants failure are the stress forces appearing in the material—tissue interface due to the differences between their mechanical properties. For this reason, similar mechanical properties to the surrounding tissue are desirable.

The synthesis of hydroxyapatite by solution combustion method and its processing have been studied in order to obtain fully dense ceramic bodies with improved mechanical strength.

Combustion synthesis provides nanostructured powders characterized by a high surface area to facilitate the following sintering. Moreover, synthesis was conducted in aqueous and oxidizing media. Oxidizing media improve homogenization and increase the energy released during combustion. It gives rise to particles whose morphology and size suggest lower surface energies compared with aqueous media.

The obtained powders were sintered by using a controlled sintering rate schedule. Lower surfaces energies minimize the shrinkage during sintering and relative densities measurements and diametral compression test confirm improved densification and consequently mechanical properties.

El trabajo que presentamos tiene un enfoque sustancialmente diferente: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Los granos o semillas de quinua Chenopodium quinoa Willd.

Se utilizaron dos muestras de quinua procesada. This paper reports the design and implementation of software to ceramographic analysis and quality control in materials science, through image study obtained by scanning electronic microscopy SEM, of samples polished surface of different ceramics systems. The system is literariw on optics-digital image processing to determine: This work stands out the use of more efficient techniques of adaptive filtering and edge detection, to the calculus realization for the particle size with high precision, compared with traditional methods encapsulated inside the norms ASTM E ;ablo E The most outstanding results of this analysis, as the possible application of this system in other investigation areas such as granulometry, hna exploration, geotechnical engineering and thin films are presented in.

Full Text Available Resumen: Este fscandon sugiere que el valor de 0. The implemented optical interface consists of a CMOS sensor-based camera attached to the autocollimator escanvon lar, camera positioning devices invenciom a proprietary digital image processing package, built around Matlab OR environment, used to analyze interneh reticle’s image to detect escanodn the scale and the measuring litearia at sub-pixel level.

In a controlled experiment the system performance was compared against an electronic le- vel with internationally traceable certification. Pitch angles we- re obtained with a resolution three times better than the original of the instrument.

This example shows that. This project was able to increase grain production, industrialization and marketing, to have food and nutrition alternatives to strengthen the food security of rural areas. The local impact is expressed in strengthening family income of the people involved in the project, the increase in grain production, industrialization technology transfer, diet improvement and employment generation for women, both in grain production in the field and in food processing.

El objetivo es demostrar su factibilidad y verificar si existen diferencias entre ambos. La calidad del cuero terminado no se deteriora con el re-uso directo de los licores de cromo hasta en 10 reciclos. CombustionSecond Edition focuses on the underlying principles of invencjon and covers topics ranging from chemical thermodynamics and flame temperatures to chemical kinetics, detonation, ignition, and oxidation characteristics of fuels.

Diffusion flames, flame phenomena in premixed combustible gases, and combustion of nonvolatile fuels are also discussed. This book consists of nine chapters and begins by introducing the reader to heats of reaction and formation, free energy and the equilibrium constants, and flame temperature calculations.

The next chapter explores the rates of reactio. Procesamiento de argumentos en personas con afasia. Combustion Engineering, a topic generally taught at the upper undergraduate and graduate level in most mechanical engineering programs, and many chemical engineering programs, is the study of rapid energy and mass transfer usually through the common physical phenomena of flame oxidation.


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It covers the physics and chemistry of this process and the engineering applications-from the generation of power such as the ;ablo combustion automobile engine to the gas turbine engine. Renewed concerns about energy efficiency and fuel costs, along with continued concerns over toxic and particulate emissions have kept the interest in this vital area of engineering high and brought about new developments in both fundamental knowledge of flame and combustion physics as well as new technologies for flame and fuel control.

This Third Edition of Glassman’s classic text clearly defines the role of chemistry, physics, and fluid mechanics as applied to the complex topic of combustion. Glassman’s insightful introductory text emphasizes underlying physical and chemical principles, and pabll engine technology, fire safety, materials synthesis, detonation phenomena, hydrocarbon fuel oxidation mechanisms, and environmental considerations.

Combustion has been rewritten to integrate the text, figures, and appendixes, detailing available combustion codes, making intenret not only an excellent introductory text but also an important reference source for professionals in the field. Apblo de ondas cerebrales con microprocesador ARM para control de coche teledirigido. Invenciln casco o sensor de ondas, Comparative study on systems of residual water treatment in the process industry by evaporation, using fossils fuels or solar energy; Estudio comparativo sobre sistemas de tratamiento de aguas residuales de la industria de procesamiento por evaporacion, utilizando combustibles fosiles o energia solar.

The residual water treatment of the process industry, nowadays is an imminent necessity in our country. In the present study two different forms are considered to concentrate residual waters: The use of solar evaporation lagoons is a good possibility to conserving energy by litteraria of the diminution of fossil fuel consumption.

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The design basis of the evaporation systems via multiple effect, as well as solar evaporation, the results of the respective sizing and the estimation of the corresponding costs are presented. A practical case is described on the cooking of cotton linters flock [Spanish] El tratamiento de aguas residuales de la industria de proceso, hoy en dia es una necesidad inminente en nuestro pais.

En el presente trabajo se consideran dos formas distintas para concentrar las aguas residuales: El empleo de lagunas de evaporacion solar es una buena posibilidad para conseguir el ahorro de energia mediante disminucion del consumo de combustibles fosiles.

Se presentan las bases de diseno de los sistemas de evaporacion via multiple efecto, asi como solar, los resultados del dimensionamiento respectivo y la estimacion de los costos correspondientes. Se describe un caso practico sobre el cocido de linters de algodon borra. Sprays injected into an atmosphere with thermodynamic conditions similar to those occuring inside the cylinder of an internal combustion engine have been characterized motor of ignition for the compression for the automotive is carried out.

As fuel, commercial gasoline and diesel blends are used in different proportions, given the potential mixtures have for producing efficient fuels in compression ignition engines, with pollutant emissions lower than those achieved in current diesel engines Aditivos de procesamiento en el conformado de estructuras porosas: Study for engine conversion from gasoline to natural gas by using the two-zone combustion predictive model; Estudio de la conversion del motor de gasolina a gas natural mediante modelo de combustion predictivo de dos zonas.

Great scale conversion of automation engines is a policy used by many countries as a strategy to save gasoline. Previous studies on the effects that this transformation can have over the engine performance are required for the implantation of this type of conversion. This paper studies the effect of the conversion from gasoline to natural gas over the engine output, indicate mean pressure, combustion rate etc.

Influencia de las diferentes etapas de procesamiento sobre la microestructura de dispositivos multicapa basados en PZT. Full Text Available A comparative study of the influence of both rheological and processing parameters on the microstructure and reliability of multilayer ceramic chips based on PZT has been conducted.

The multilayer chips were obtained by tape casting. Viscosity measurements of different slurries with various solids content have been correlated with both the thickness and the green density of the casted layers. The critical points of the thermal treatments, organics burn-out and sintering, have been identified. The green microstructure of the layers and the final microstructure of the sintered chips have been studied by SEM.


Se compararon los resultados obtenidos entre el procedimiento aprobado y la propuesta de cambio. El rango de aplicaciones en los que se utiliz Preparation of combustible material from high sulphur coal by means of pyrolysis: Basic studies on coal desulphurization by pyrolysis have been carried out with a series of low rank coals with high total sulphur contents and differences in the distribution of sulphur forms.

A sample coal of 11 Tm, representative of the Teruel basins was processed at pilot scale in a rotary kiln coal HR. A series of pyrolysis runs simulating the experimental conditions of the rotary kiln were also carried out in laboratory scale. The magnetic behaviour of the chars from the rotary kiln and from the lab-scale pyrolysis was tested. The efficiency of the desulphurization, including pyrolysis and magnetic separation, was calculated.

Chars from rotary kiln were tested by thermogravimetric analysis, air reactivity and carbon efficiency combustion in fluidized bed. In this work, a study was conducted of the flooding and dehydration processes of a PEM fuel cell using the EIS technique. The gradual flooding of the system was induced by operating the cell at a potential of 0. The gradual dehydration was induced by operating the cell at a potential of 0.

EIS tests were applied throughout both processes. For low degrees of flooding, the technique had good sensitivity, between 1 and 6 Hz, while at high degrees of flooding the technique’s greatest sensitivity was limited to a range between 1 and 2 Hz.

La inundacion gradual del sistema se indujo operando la celda a un potencial de 0. Por el contrario el afloramiento este de dicho granito, presenta valores negativos entre -5 y mGal. A Bouguer anomaly map was filtered in order to separating these anomalies in regional anomaly which should contain the effects of deep crustal features and residual anomaly which should contain the effects of local and near surface masses.

The process used was the upward continuation method of the potential field. On the contrary, the east Navarrete granite formation presents negative values between -5 and mGal. A two dimensional power spectrum was applied to the Bouguer residual anomaly to estimate the igneous bodies’ maximum depths, with 8 km depth for east Navarrete granite and 6.

Sin embargo, se trata de un campo que no se encuentra muy desarrollado en el software libre. El clasificador a emplear es el Gamma, el cual pertenece al enfoque asociativo y utiliza los operadores Alfa y Beta, que son a su vez la base de la memorias asociativas Alfa-Beta. The gradual flooding of a single PEM fuel cell was produced and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy EIS measurements were realized in order to follow changes of the fuel cell impedance parameters.

These changes were followed by using two equivalent circuit models: Estos cambios fueron estudiados utilizando dos circuitos equivalentes: Development of flameless combustion ; Desarrollo de la combustion sin flama. In this paper the piteraria of combustion is focused as integrated in the aforementioned collective system where application of flameless combustionusing oxidant preheated in invwncion regenerators and fluent gas recirculation into combustion chamber plus appropriated heat and mass balances, simultaneously results in energy saving and environmental impact reduction.

Pablo Escandón | Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar –

Se estudia la combustion como parte integrante del mencionado sistema conjunto, donde la aplicacion de combustion sin flama, empleando oxidante precalentado mediante regeneradores de calor y recirculacion de gases efluentes ademas de los balances de masa y energia adecuados, permite tener simultaneamente ahorros energeticos e impacto ambiental reducido. Paralelamente a estos lineamientos el proyecto contempla el e No se encontraron diferencias significativas en la abundancia y dieta entre pozos.

Bachelor thesis for the Computer Science program. Para ello se propusieron los siguientes objetivos generales: Scarpa, Diego; Baraldi, Waldemar A. En este trabajo se presentan distintos enfoques para resolver el problema de balanceo de carga sobre ambientes de procesamiento distribuido. There are many familiar examples of combustion litwraria, both domestic and industrial. These range from the Bunsen burner to large flares, from escanvon combustion chambers, such as those in car engines, to industrial furnaces for steel manufacture or the generation of megawatts of electricity.