Just find a mate to play as your opponent and you’re all set. Plentifun guides you through the basic Mancala rules, and even some tips to make. Instrucciones. Star Mancala is played on a two-sided board. At the beginning 24 stones are placed evenly in 6 pits on each side of the board. Collect the stones. Lee reseñas, compara valoraciones de clientes, mira capturas de pantalla y obtén más información sobre Mancala – Multijugador en líne. Descarga Mancala .

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Nokia launched an electronic version of Mancala, called ‘Bantumi’, on its handsets. The company sold million units of the phone, making Bantumi the most popular and bestselling version of the game. The game’s history can be traced back to about 6th century A. The name of the game originates from the Arabic word naqala, which means ‘to move’.

Mancala is not one game, but a category of similar kinds of games. There are as many as invented games of Mancala. Mancala games are played with holes or pits dug in the earth or carved in stones, as was done by our ancestors. A more modern approach suggests using a wooden board, sizes of which vary according to different games.


For playing pieces, seeds, beans, stones, cowry shells, colorful beads, etc. If we are specifically talking about one game, then it’s ‘Kalah’ that is mostly played in the U. Let’s take a peek at the objectives, rules, and strategies of this ancient game. Each player competes with the other to collect as many seeds as possible.

The player with the most seeds in the end is the winner. A bigger pit on the right of each player, known as the player’s storeis to keep the score of the number of seeds collected. At the beginning of the game, 3 seeds are placed in every pit, except the stores.

Want to Know How to Play Mancala? Follow These Instructions

On every new turn, a player removes all the seeds from any one of the six pits, and drops one seed in each succeeding pit in a counter-clockwise fashion. If the last dropped pit is the player’s store, then the player gets another turn.

A player in a turn can drop in his own store and the opponent’s pits too, but he cannot drop any seeds into the opponent’s store. When one of the two players exhausts all the seeds from the six pits, the game ends. Make a Mancala Board at Home. Not having a Mancala board doesn’t mean that you can’t play this fun game.

Here are some tips and tricks to make one at home.


‎Mancala – Multijugador en líne en App Store

Make One from Egg Cartons. Make One from an Ice Cube Tray. Done making another board.

A very quick and easy-to-play game, Mancala is great when traveling or camping. A lot of digital versions of the game are on the mobile app stores in the name of ‘Mancala’ or ‘Oware’; go check them out.

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