Alain Badiou believes that love is under threat. Taking to heart Rimbaud’s famous line “love needs reinventing,” In Praise of Love is the celebrated French. “Love is not a contract between two narcissists. It’s more than that. It’s a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism. In In Praise of Love, Alain Badiou takes on contemporary ‘dating agency’ conceptions of love that come complete with zero-risk insurance – like US zero- casualty.

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In Praise of Love | The New Press

Also available as an e-book. Surely that makes him an old romantic?

Although Badiou attempts to reconcile his views of love with his political communism the conservative nature of his description of love is not so different than the definitions of erotic love described by institutions of authority that use these definitions to seek to contain love’s transgressions.

We’re climbing a very big ladder.

In Praise of Love Quotes

If you limit yourself to sexual pleasure it’s narcissistic. What’s more, there is a French model of being a philosopher which isn’t enclosed in the academy as in England — a philosopher who is an intellectual interested in all the things in their age. Nor does he alaim the fact that the relationships he describes as love long-term, committed, requiring fidelity are similar to conservative descriptions of romantic love which contribute to relationships frequently becoming bound by obligation and the opposite of adventure.

What is real is narcissistic, Lacan suggested, what binds imaginary. Caught between consumerism and casual sexual encounters devoid of passion, love — without the bxdiou ingredient of chance — is in danger of withering on the vine.


That’s why I propose a new philosophy of love, wherein you can’t avoid alaiin or working to solve them. He credits Sartre with revivifying that French model of what a philosopher could akain. How do we do that? To the contrary, he sees sex as surrender when part of the re-invention of their world by two people in love.

This is seen in the struggles for peace, LGBT rights, civil rights, gender equality and social justice. Write a customer review. Theatre, he argues, bridges the gap between love and politics.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rod Dubey describes love as a river that freely flows without regard to prohibitions based on race, gender, class or religion.

Notify me of new comments via email. That’s to say they made an attack on the communist state badiku to revolutionise communism. Perhaps politics and love are not, if you’re a French Maoist, so very different. With love seemingly lost in our world, reading this book is a worthwhile reminder that we must will ourselves to love.

When I ask him why, Badiou explains that the success of Lenin’s disciplined Bolshevik party in the October Revolution spawned a series of other workers’ revolutions, notably in China in The Art of Loving. Today we increasingly define freedom as the ability to love whoever we choose.

But Christianity has somehow managed to elevate it and refocus it onto a transcendent power. Advance acclaim for In Praise of Love: Love bwdiou an antidote to that. The loge is full of new developments and love must also be something that innovates. The New Press is a nonprofit public-interest book publisher.

Alain Badiou’s “In Praise of Love”

Intelligence and Spirit by Reza Negarestani. I think that’s partly because his definition of love transcends those magical early encounters the romance. Get to Know Us. Alain Badiou is our philosopher of love. You may also be interested in. And theatre depicts the violence of love. Certainly at the world level there can be more hope than hitherto.


In his concluding remarks about French politics, Badiou perceptively speaks about how love has historically become attached to the movement between reaction and revolution, although this could be developed much further. Transgressive love has also been significant in the development of avant-gardes and in challenging censorship. Below this sixth-floor apartment, an RER train screeches along the rails out of Denfert-Rochereau station.

Badiou argues that sex within a two scene is an outcome of love so a change presumably paise if sex occurred early on in a relationship. Rod Dubey is the author of Indecent acts in a public place: Love, as Badiou defines it, is a committed relationship between two people, usually of opposite sexes.

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Topics Books A life in You are commenting using your Twitter praisd. His latest book is I believe in love and agree with his thinking on it. As a relationship moves from point to point it requires continual reaffirmation and re-declaration. The title was borrowed from a movie released in by famous French director Jean-Luc Godard in which Badiou did a turn that might have been cut out of the final film. But why, if he’s right, did France have this postwar adventure, this dizzying explosion of intellectual life?

It was a failure but many interesting events are failures.