Richard Clayderman – I Like Chopin Richard Clayderman MARRIAGE DAMOUR CLAYDERMAN Free Richard Clayderman MARRIAGE. I Like Chopin – Richard Clayderman. By Piano Note Sheets 2. Sanja Dejanovic Stojkov, Bashar Kalash, Sira María Pérez Marqués and 9 others like this. Remember that piano, so delightful, unusual. That classic sensation, sentimental confusion. Used to say “I like Chopin” Love me now and again, wooh.

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Originally, claydefman expected sales of maybe 50, singles, but this ballad has sold more than clayder,an million albums, which has been quite surprising. How do you handle difficult moments in your life? So, they asked me about other last names in my family. I like to keep things to myself. I know some couples who need to argue in order to keep living. Netherlands Dutch Top 40 [8].

My father was a piano and music teacher.

My mother did not have background in music. Originally, I think it was planned that the concert takes place in a 3,seat theatre, but they had to change that and rent the biggest theatre at that time in Beijing.

I Like Chopin – Richard Clayderman

The media calls him the Prince of Hearts and Romance. I also like pastries. You started a family pretty early.


For breakfast, I like fresh orange juice. Retrieved 18 January Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders [13]. Select “Gazebo” from the artist drop-down menu. And I practiced very nicely… I never rebelled against practicing the piano… I truly enjoyed it. I am very French when it comes to being lioe cheese connoisseur — Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, goat cheese — I enjoy them all.

They cannot have a peaceful relationship.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Do you remember your first impression of the country and its culture? My house is close to a forest, so I feel good there. As his piano accompanist, I had the opportunity to learn a lot. I like still water. For sure, my father has been my role model.

Who were some of your role models throughout your life that influenced your personal development? Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders [4]. I also like watching TV. In fact, I do. They have that kind of talent, which I do not have at all, but we work closely with each other.

Retrieved from ” https: The first concert I had in China was in Shanghai in I call her often. So, my most valued vacation spot is my house in the suburbs of Paris. For the past twenty years, all of my birthdays have been celebrated while I was on tour, and particularly, when I was on tour in China.

I have been visiting China twice a year. Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [11]. It was not so easy to pronounce in other languages. From the age of 17 until I met my producers, I was an accompanist. I ended up earning a living by accompanying other performers. And as I cannot talk to them easily, given the language barriers, this is my way of forming an emotional connection to my audience. Actually, it is my nature.


What personal qualities do you cgopin in people? We knew a little bit about China, but it was quite a mystery. In some countries, especially those close to the equator, they do not have seasons. I wish I could have a digital piano on the planes in order that I take advantage of being in the air and practice my piano.

Los exitos de Richard Clayderman interpretando a Federico Chopin by Richerman Y Su Piano on Spotify

My producers became claydermqn interested in this name, and we decided that Clayderman would be ideal. Germany Official German Charts [6]. Every time I noticed the difference in the development in terms of the number of cars, construction, buildings, and an incredible increase of everything in this country, which makes it very difficult today because of traffic jams.