Dec 1, The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a time jobs available to the local residents for maintenance, technical and security positions. Page Revised technical memorandum from G. A. Many technological ―notes‖ could be played by HAARP-type military box – PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the. The U.S. military calls its zapper HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the military.

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Near the end ofthe Zickuhrs hosted a couple of meetings in their home. Or working for a university which by proxy is for the government, because they’re funded hechnical through defense subcontracts contracts or through grants from the Department of Defense. It would be wrong to talk of ELF waves, because the wavelengths are on a scale larger than the ionospheric height itself.

memorandun Apparently the local editor was quite impressed with what charming gentlemen the HAARP manager and his associates were. He does not see HAARP itself as a secret project, but added that he does believe there are some secret initiatives.

In the meantime, new research by other scientists shows that ELF signals may have profound effects on living organisms. As the transmitted frequency is lowered, the central lobe broadens, and 1955 side lobes move outward to larger angles.

Ground-Based ‘Star Wars’ – Disaster Or ‘Pure’ Research?

The Firecracker Boys, by Dan O’Neill reveals common threads that run through the history of proposals for questionable megaprojects. They were also suspicious of the HAARP environmental impact statement that said there would be no impact on climate, the ozone layer or weather. Studying radio communications by using a tool as powerful as HAARP is a worthy scientific task in mmemorandum opinion of the authors, but some independent researchers question whether the means justifies the end.

According to that worldview, if Tesla had been able to tedhnical electricity wirelessly all over the world, it would have been an ecological disaster. What do the military planners have in mind? Nick Begich and James Roderick Despite the end of the Cold War, their allowances are still enviable.


Is it wise to poke holes in Earth’s electrical umbrella? Memoraneum there a 25 word description of what memorandum is supposed to be? Afterward, Manning waited outside the meeting room door on the sun-dazzled patio, and stopped Shanny as he came out. It seems that the US government are aware of some of the discoveries of Tesla and are trying to recreate them on a huge scale for their own purposes – which I believe to be rather sinister and dangerous for the rest of haap.

Enigma Issue 14: H.A.A.R.P.

The reflecting properties of the highly ionized layer at short wavelengths are likely to be crucial. When he was interviewed – see below videosDr.

They never sat down together in the same room, but collaborated long distance. Countering these odd speculations is all in a day’s work for Ramy Shanny. Their first target is the electrojet – a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky and down into the polar icecap.

The reflecting properties are still to be determined. John Hutchison described Col. Akasofu’s statement as being strange, because the scientific literature on ionospheric heaters is full of references to mmorandum airglow” from the experiments. Farmer prefaced his testimony by reminding the military representatives that he quotes statements from their own documents.

An article from a Penn State publication says “array control permits slewing the beam to arbitrary locations within the overhead 30 degree cone within ten microseconds.

Tesla announces “death ray” invention. Eastlund’s drawings did appear similar to patents issued to Nikola Tesla in the late 19th and early 20th centuiy! He mentioned the Eastland patent, but acknowledged that it was controversial, “The United States military denies that the HAARP project has anything to do with these patents. My biggest worry is what they’re going to do by www.


What can a guy trust? He sent it to the newspaper chain’s columnist in Ottawa, but the man never published a word about ionospheric experiments. How did a small subsidiary get the military contract for such a large project?

A visit from a neighbor in October of changed their serene existence, however. The goals of HAARP are ambitious, nevertheless, state of the art capability will allow us to realize this powerful scientific research instrument which will probe the Alaskan sky. He rejected every idea that needed smaller amounts of power.

What do the military planners have in mind? Nick copied the reference and headed to the Anchorage municipal library to search out the original story, a November 20, letter to Anchorage Daily News from Eric Nashlund. Such activity could potentially disrupt natural systems on the earth and high above it. The display of light and sound seemed to have a life of its own, and triggered thoughts ahout Earth’s life -protecting layers. The electrqjet will become a vibrating artificial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on the earth.

The electrical engineers talked about a buildup of ever more powerful effects. Hecksher and his colleagues may say that ELF fields from HAARP are not harmful, but remember — our government once sprayed DDT pesticide on school children while they were eating lunch, and said this was not harmful The words duty cycle do not, however appear in Angelsso that we are left guessing on this one.

Watt after watt of ever-increasing avalanche energy lit the polar cap with a glare that had never before been seen The analysis hasn’t been done. The Memorandum is discussed heavily in part 2. Engineers straighten undulating wild rivers and slap them into concrete flood-control channels.