Among the factors that set apart Geocomfort geothermal heat pumps are cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and unmatched quality. Further, a great thing . Certainly the ClimateMaster price is more attractive to me but it However GeoComfort unit costs about $ according to the sales rep while. GeoComfort geothermal systems are designed to harness the earth’s energy for Cost-Effective GeoComfort Geothermal Systems for Madison Wisconsin.

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Geothermal Costs

Learn more about partnering with Enertech to experience how we make geothermal better. Disposables are nice because we like throwing things away. Are both contractors adding a buffer tank and it’s required plumbing for the desuperheater?

Said it was not necessary. However, it is important to understand that the year-upon-year operational savings far outweigh the initial set up expenses, even for a newly constructed property. Contact us at or fill out our online request for a no-cost, no-obligation appointment for a GeoComfort geothermal heating and cooling system. I’m still waiting for the 3rd fellow to show up.

He looked at the figures on the drawings and, after looking around the house agreed with the 5 ton vs. It would make sense for the manufacturers to get together and recommend a holding tank vs.

Your name or email address: I was just slightly concerned that the 5 ton bid cost less than the 4 ton bid and most everything else was the same.


Find Out More The form has been submitted. Don’t write this amazing technology off without getting all the facts for your unique situation. In addition to the highest heating capacities, GeoComfort also boasts the best heating efficiencies. I’m waiting for a manufacturer to step up and take single tank systems out of their installation options.

After manufacturers’ engineers stop endorsing poorly geocomtort set-ups, then I’ll be less forgiving of installers that continue the practice. So far I’ve received 2 quotes on a geothern system with a desuperheater included. I wonder if that could be part of the reason why he is cheaper for a larger unit. One thing I noticed is the Waterfurnace unit comes with the electrostatic air filter you just wash and reinstall versus replacing filters for the other two units. Log in or Sign up. I agree that the 5 ton costs more to install so there is a curious disparity.

In the heating world, that’s a pretty big difference in capacity. AMI ContractingFeb 5, With an average of geoxomfort.


This means better performance and guarantees the operating efficiency of the system. Hope I got that right. GeoComfort units are made pfice America with the highest standards of quality.

I’ll be in touch and again, thanks to everyone for all the help.

Couple these benefits with financial incentives and flexible financing options, and you’ll be able to make monthly payments on a new system with the money you save on heating and cooling costs. Our solutions serve a wide variety of applications and prcie be tailored to your needs for optimal efficiency and savings.


Please download an updated version now. The low bidder also did not include the high voltage wiring in his quote as he thought a friend who is an electrician and was here at the time would do it. He suggests a 15KW strip for the 4 ton and a 20KW for the 5 ton unit. ECM blower motors are standard on all GeoComfort equipment. We offer the complete line of equipment and accessories for residential and commercial heating, cooling and hot water comfort systems. A 5 ton system should be more expensive than a 4 ton system.

The low bid contractor told me there are two ideas on the extra holding tank issue.

The system will switch over to the furnace in extreme cold temperatures for the remainder of the time, providing optimum comfort and efficiency. Not sure where you are located in MO? He geocomforh no one keeps their inside temp at 75 degrees and the outside winter norm listed as 0 degrees has increased since ‘ Geothermal energy is one of the most dependable renewable resources.

I’ll be curious to see what his bid is next week. If you have interest in this program, our in-house loan expert will provide you with more information prlce step-by-step instructions to begin the loan application process.