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FM (FM ). BROWNING MACHINE GUN,. CALIBER HB, M2. MARCH HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. DISTRIBUTION. M Cal FM study guide by pythonregius24 includes 14 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help. Start studying M CAL FM Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Gunners shift their fires without command when more dangerous targets appear. If immediate fire is required, the command FIRE is given without pause and the gunners fire as soon as they are ready. Repeats rate of fire and maintains proper count, telling gunner when cm fire. Predetermined fires organize the battlefield for the gunners. For example, if one gunner detects a target and engages it, the other gunner observes the area fired upon and 3-22.665 his fire only if he can identify the target or if ordered to fire.

The length of the beaten zone for any given range will vary according to the slope of the ground. The following are commonly used signals for cm control: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. M tracer ammunition can be fired with the M, but accuracy is degraded.

Fire control includes all actions of the leader and Soldiers in ffm, preparing, and applying fire on a target. The method of applying fire to a target is generally fk same for either a single gun or a pair of guns. The weapons squad consists of a weapons squad leader and machine gun teams. The size and nature of the enemy target determines how machine gun fire is applied. Gunner echoes command, makes necessary adjustment, acquires new target.

Enfilade fire occurs when the long axis of 3-22.655 beaten zone coincides or nearly coincides with the long axis of the target. Final Protective Line A The following are commonly used signals for fire control:. It is important that gunners and leaders understand the technical aspects of the different ammunition available to ensure the machine guns and automatic weapons are employed in accordance with their capabilities.


During training, however, he should use all of the elements to get gunners in the habit of thinking and reacting properly when a target is to be engaged.

For use against light materials and personnel, but not vehicles. The machine guns are not components of an integrated and coordinated air defense system. An FPL is a predetermined line along which grazing fire is placed to stop an enemy assault.

This element prepares the gunners for further instructions. Secondary Sector of Fire A Grazing fire can be obtained over various types of terrain out to a maximum of meters. Upon seeing the signal, the gunner shifts his fire to a prearranged point. Accuracy of fire is decreased when firing from either the hip or shoulder.


FM – Appendix A – Machine Gun Employment « Infantry Drills

If the leader wants to shift fire at a certain time, he gives a prearranged signal such as smoke or pyrotechnics. Example weapons squad equipment by position. The gunner uses the bipod firing position and grip. This section is designed to illustrate the characteristics of machine gun fire, the types of enemy targets that might be engaged, and how to successfully apply machine gun fire on those enemy targets.

To obtain the maximum extent of grazing fire over level or uniformly sloping terrain, the gunner sets the rear sight at meters.

FM 3-22.65

MK 19 and M2 in the Defense A This allows a few mils of depression to cover irregularities in the terrain. Flanking fire is highly desirable when engaging an enemy line formation.

The amount of elevation change depends upon the range and slope of the ground. These aiming points should be close enough together to ensure adequate target coverage. He then adjusts fire, regulates the rate of fire, shifts from one target to another, and ceases fire.

The composition and strength of these detachments depends on the size of the main body, its mission, and the nature of the opposition expected. As part of an example of the planning needed to use MBs in support-by-fire roles, the rates of fire for the MB are listed in Table A A fire command is given to deliver effective fire fmm a target quickly and without confusion.


Improper distribution of fire results in gaps that allow the enemy to escape or use their weapons against friendly positions without effective opposition. Machine gun fire from a support-by-fire Fk position must be the minimum possible to keep the enemy from returning effective fire.

Gunners are normally assigned a primary and a secondary sector of fire.

The general direction to the reference point should be given. The sites selected for the guns must provide maximum observation and unobstructed sectors of fire. Leaders position machine guns to—. Normally the newest member of the gun team.

In some fn the senior member of the gun team is the gunner. Grazing fire is employed in the final protective line FPL in defense and is only possible when the terrain is level or uniformly sloping. When the range to 3-22.56 target is greater than meters, overhead fire should be delivered only in an emergency.

When gunners engage a target, they initially fire at the rate necessary to gain and maintain fire superiority. Attacking troops usually seek -322.65 ground that provides cover from fire. In the defense, the M adds increased firepower without the addition of manpower. Example weapons squad duty positions and responsibilities. The machine guns seldom accompany the maneuver element.