4. nov Users Manual Generator ECI FUEL SYSTEMS than 15 ethanol blend or biodiesel blends in excess of B USER MANUAL BG 20 ECI MUX. BG 20 ECI Home · BG 20 ECI Eci TelecomBg Bg and Bg overview of eci adm APC ECM-ECI Error Codes Ver Codigos de Error. BGB/E. Miniature Optical Service Access Platform. Targeting a range of ECI Telecom Transport Networking Division’s BroadGate BGB (Basic unit) fulfills.

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In sending a task, click Stop to cancel the Send operation. This priority is per instance. Select the Main and Protection MS modules.

The Policer Upload window opens. Channel MIB Counters window To filter a server trail: Deactivate a client trail confirmation window When deactivating a server trail XC, the system displays the Task Status Monitor window.

Information window for setting the LCT work mode as monitor The FCU and those slots marked in brown in the preceding figure are fixed. Define the untagged member ports in the Untagged Port area. The Card Max Traffic Setup window opens.


Working mode means the alarm log keeps collecting events. The following conditions apply when configuring DCC access: Colored blocks in the bar chart represent alarms of different ,ux. STP operation is transparent to by-20 stations, which cannot detect whether they are connected to a single LAN segment or a switched LAN of multiple segments. To download configuration data: Deactivate a client trail confirmation window N cannot appear in the middle of a line meaning, the values at both sides are non-Nwhich can only appear at the end.

This operation supports the following functions: The VPN Upload window opens. The EOS Protocol window opens. In the Alarm Log window, click Open.

BG 20 ECI – PDF Free Download

Policer Upload window – Policer Compare tab Port Connected Neighbor window These XCs become Active after they are sent.

The default is hetc. Leave this checkbox deselected for the serial port to remain open, which enables you to view debug information from the serial out port. Static IP Routes Configuration window Click Apply to create the EPL.

If the number of selected timeslots is inconsistent or the timeslot selection does not comply with cross-connection principles, ng-20 error message is displayed. In a ring network, it is acceptable to perform this operation, as long as no two Eco employ a terminal loopback at the same time.


Severity window – Alarm Attributes Table tab 2. This occurs when the VLAN crosses several switches. Export VPN List window 2. The Setup Status window appears. Select the Setting Orderwire Routing tab. Create a VLAN window Basic parameters configuration procedure NOTE: Input IP window 5. To log in to the Boot Configuration Tool: This parameter is used for root bridge selection.

ECI BG 20/30 MUX – (2-Days)

Set the service type by selecting either the Working or Protection radio nux. Cross connection is permitted in all other cases. Each policer can be used only once.

Multiple active paths between end stations cause loops in the network. The Get Current Performance window opens.

You must obtain operation rights for this NE before you can perform this operation. You can view the NE alarm eck to access this alarm and event information.