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Prices are subject to change without notice. In general, worst-case magnetic interaction conditions for pull-in voltage in a matrix exist when all relay fields have the same polarity and all of the fields are from adjacent relays See figure. This is still under development at this point in time when this article is written.

When a mechanical switch is pressed, two metal plate is in contact with one dss4a105.

DSS41A05 Coto Technology|Signal Relays,Up to 2 Amps | WIN SOURCE

Refer to the transistor datasheet for appropriate R1 value, or you can do a quick experiment to determine the R1 value to implement. To Call your buddy next block, the first step you have to do is to pick up the phone.

On the left are three recommended schematic that I have extracted from one of the opto-triac datasheet. Example of a simple dimmer circuit for Vac lighting buib Click the picture to enlarge.

Logic or signal line to be connected to the base. Normally Close, with Double Break.


Fuse or transistor in the circuit may get damage due to the short. It also make tick tack noise produce by the mechanical action. Circuit 2 is my next few attempt to find out the effect of a capacitor in series to the AC coil. A ballast that can be dimmed from a domestic phase cut dimmer – cfl Circuit 1 is my first attempt of using the opto-triac to trigger the relay.

In addition to supporting the various labs in the EL building, we also provide equipment and manual check-out and a wide range of electronic components for sale. The subject is title “transistor as a switch” for a reason. The PIC mini relay switch module is small and has much more capability than the traditional mechanical relay.

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Heat will be generate. Figure 8 using a less sensitive triac to control the inductive load, hence the resistor is reduce from dss41z05. R4 can be about Kohm. Dwtasheet is a variable conducting switch. When connected in parallel with the indicator, the indicator will not be lighted up.

There are various mechanical switches around us. For input logic 3VV R1 can be about 1Kohm. The circuit uses 2 npn transistor and is similar to the one using npn pnp.

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This bouncing results in intermediate contract between the metal, and can be catches very quickly by the electronics. Other application can be, controlling a high power motor using tiny switch, or to switch on the house lightings using your computer system digital signal.


Implementing such a isolated design, it makes the datashet modular just like a black box. This is non-technical, and is more about user’s experience. Why is there a need to convert electrical to mechanical to electrical again? The same open end wire can be 5V, -7V, V at the same instant of time.

(PDF) DSS41A05 Datasheet download

Download datasheet Kb Share this page. Present voltage difference to the transistor would be -5V. A voltage logic of 0V 12V is able to convert to and from 0V 9V. In this example, I am powering up an AC motorized fan. A simple way to remove such switch glitch noise is to insert a capacitor of let say nF between the input signal and reference ground.

Assume we read a voltage of 5V with reference from a datashert potential. You may try visiting Crydom or Clare for more information on these devices. A reed relay is able to function with a reverse input priority, however a SSR will not be able to function with reverse input priority.

It is a trade off to decide upon. The cable must be thick enough to handle the high current and Vac voltage. When connected to a big load, this current leakage will not cause any problem, because the small current will not be able to activate the load.