Filtered by: Reino Unido – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Social Security .. Adopción: | GBRR This Ordinance transfers . S — Enchiridion Militis Christiani, is Mogunt. 1 De Absoluto Reprobations Decreto, Verfio ex Anglico ib. — Menafleh Ben Israel de. 1 TV Angop; Photos. International Highlight: George Weah set up Government. International Highlight: Liberian ruling Unity Party.

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Amends the Rules of the same name which lay down rules for the conduct of inquiries into the fitness or conduct of officers, by omitting rule 5 2which laid down qualifications for persons hearing inquiries.

These Regulations increase the additional amount. An Ordinance to provide for the Registration of businesses, trades and profession by persons having a place of business or carrying on business in Gibraltar, for the establishment of a register of particulars so registered and for matters incidental thereto.

Supersedes existing Regulations laying down the requirements as to provisions and water to be provided for seafarers employed in ships including fishing vessels. Section 1 of the Act authorises the Secretary of State to make payments to employers enabling them to retain in employment persons who might otherwise become unemployed, to take on new employees and generally to maintain or enlarge their labour force.

Regulations revoking provisions relating to first-aid in Regulations bearing the same title. Amends the definition of non-dependant in the Income Support General Regulationsthe Council Tax Benefit General Regulations and the Housing Benefit General Regulationsand sets out the conditions to be satisfied by a claimant for entitlement to a severe disability premium. Section 4 provides that there shall be a commissioner for the territory who shall be appointed by Her Majesty.

Provides a scheme of compensation for former registered dock workers dismissed by reason of redundancy on the passing of the Dock Work Act Chapter 13or at any time thereafter until the end of Imposes health and safety requirements with respect to electricity at work, safe construction of electrical equipment and electrical systems, work on or near live conductors, adequate working space, means of access, adequate lighting, competence of persons engaged.


Electricity at Work Regulations S. Amendments regarding the definition of the cold weather period and entitlement to heating payments. Allows a lump sum payment to be made to certain employees who cease to hold employment with a relevant body by reason of redundancy or in the interests of efficiency of their employer during a specified period in consequence of local government reorganisation in Scotland. Social Insurance Benefits Amendment Regulations, Health and Safety at Work etc.

Regulations requiring information on health, safety and welfare to be furnished to employees by means of posters or leaflets in an approved form.

The increase in the minimum basic award also affects the minimum amount of compensation that shall be awarded by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in respect of a complaint under section 4 of the Deceto Act unjustifiable discipline by a trade union ; LS – UK 1.

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Act LS – UK 2. The Regulations also concern occupational safety and health in dock work. It makes similar provision for the designation of those places of work in respect of which a fire certificate is required by s. The principal Regulations enable an employer to recover payments of statutory maternity pay and, if it is a small employer, an additional amount in respect of such pay. Schedules 1 and 2 set out rules concerning financial provision for children and supervision orders decreti Schedules 3 and 4 provide for repeals, amendments and modifications of existing enactments and transitory provisions.

Shipping times vary by product and are indicated on each listing. Sections 11 and 12 provide that the user or owner of a pressure system shall ensure that it is properly maintained and operated.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

The goods shall not be subject to customs fees upon delivery. Social Security Insurance Ordinance. Act to offshore installations and to certain work activities in connection with those installations and pipelines.


Consolidates, with amendments, the provisions of the National Health Service Superannuation Scotland Regulations to which provide for the superannuation of persons engaged in the National Health Service in Scotland. Regulation 6 provides for certain industrial diseases to be added to the diseases prescribed under Chapter V of Part II of the Social Security Act It is the only news agency in the country and aims to collect, process and distribute, on a unique system, both in Angola and abroad, news on the basis of objective information about national and international events.

DC 12V allowance range: Contains requirements for the management and administration of offshore and gas installations for purposes of health and safety. Social Security Decretk Amendment No.

Makes consequential amendments and transitional provisions due to the replacement of sickness benefit and invalidity benefit by incapacity benefit which is introduced by the Social Security Incapacity for Work Act Makes savings provisions in connection with the commencement on 2 October of section 6 of the Social Security Act which relates to contribution conditions for unemployment and sickness benefit.

Amends the Social Security Claims and Payments Regulations in the following respects – i a new regulation 20A is inserted, which provides for the payment of benefit on presentation of an instrument for benefit payment to a paying agent; ii consequential amendments are made to regulations 20, 22, 23, and 27 which relate to the time and manner of payment of benefit; and iii a consequential substitution is made with regard to regulation 7 instruments of payment.

Fluent play without light spot -Video Output: Ours is a tireless search targeted both the product and the manufacturer, globally, with one goal in mind: The Order permits unlimited registration in Bermuda and the Isle of Man. Provides that sections of the Immigration Ordinance not already in force come into operation on 1 January