By Wolfgang Borchert · View Translated Work ↑. Das hohle Fenster in der Da lag ein halbes Brot. Und eine Blechschachtel. Du rauchst? fragte der Mann. Europe Germany Hamburg. Wolfgang Borchert () is a German short-story writer and playwright. He is considered to be the. Die klassischen Kurzgeschichten “Das Brot” von Wolfgang Borchert und ” Saisonbeginn” von Elisabeth Langgässer: Kompetenzorientierter Unterricht, Analyse.

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Another motif is the contrast between light and dark. Er hatte die Augen zu.

He looked at his clock and shook his head in wonder. All of a sudden the lights went out in the basement. After that, they go back to bed and share a place of commonality and safety, even wolfgqng the incident needs to be “covered”. They avoid eye contact, after a while she sits down at the table. Auf ganz etwas anderes.

This has nothing to do with the bombs. He just turned four. It was so obvious, normal to me.

Rats Sleep at Night

Ich kann doch nicht. The subjects of his works are the war and postwar events, also life, often darkened by the harsh reality. The wolfganv was published for the first time in in a literature magazine called Das Karussell. Hot summer And then I heard her putting the plates away again, when I had already gone to my room and turned out the light. It was too quiet and as she ran her hand over the bed beside her, she found it empty. That’s how they survive. Notify me of new comments via email.


The fact that the protagonists are not presented by name and the place is not named either, shows that the author’s aim was to make the story relevant for different times and places. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Bort Policy. They both felt their way across the dark hallway to the bedroom.

All of nine years! Wenn ich eins kriegen kann? I took that completely for granted. Stimmt, sagte der Mann, und genau soviel Kaninchen habe ich.

Das kann ich nicht sagen.

The kitchen clock

And barefoot — always barefoot. The best thing is namely: Da lag ein halbes Brot.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The window which he looks through to hide his uncertainty is a link between the outside and the inside. Side-by-side Original Translated Translator Notes.

Wolfgang Borchert „The Bread“ | BALTIC-BLACK SEA TEXT

I’ll have to teach your father how to make a rabbit hutch. Suddenly she woke up. His eyes were closed. She had just been asleep. Then she stood in brochert wool jacket and with a red shawl. But she said that every time. She thought about why she had woken up. Then I’ll go home with you, okay? Of course, in that case, I won’t tell you what I have here in this basket.


Barefoot like that on the cold tiles. Borchert wrote the story in He was a lot smaller than me. But he had a very old face. This moment could be seen as a turning point in the story.

Alexis Levitin translates from the Spanish. The next evening she prepares dinner and wolfgajg him an extra slice of her ration of bread under the pretext that in the evening she can’t take the bread all that well. Du kannst sie sehen. They end up with the fact that there was nothing and they both woke up because of the wind outside and the sound of the rain gutter.

They saw him from far off, coming towards him, because he stuck out.

What do you think? Related Posts Future of Europe. She lifted her hand to the light switch. Only this here, only this is left. Vor allem die Jungen.