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Zener diodes – How important are the exact replacement specs?

Zener diodes – How important are the exact replacement specs? [Archive] – Vintage Computer Forum

You may have to cx605b before you can post: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The motor suddenly stopped working. I’ve traced the fault to the motor circuitry itself. On looking at cx605b board, I see a diode that looks worse for wear.

It may or may not be the problem. I haven’t pulled out one end to test it yet. Anyway, regardless, it certainly needs replacing.


TBU-CX065-VTC-WH – TBU High Speed Protectors

The part is a HZ98 Zener diode. I’ve looked up the specs for this diode, as shown here: The question is, how critical are these specs. I’m trying to avoid the expense of ordering one and hoping something in my local electronic shop can do the job?

Here is what they have got The question is, would something like INA or A do as a replacement? I think that the might be worth a try, but exactly what’s the function of the datasheeg, and how do you know it’s bad?

What connects to P3? Thanks for replying Chuck, I don’t know if the diode is bad or not. Visually it cx065n not in good shape but it could be something else causing the problem.

I’ll be taking a closer look tonight. Whatever is wrong it’s associated with this Drive Motor board or the motor itself. I ascertained this by swapping in a replacement from the second drive, which worked fine.


The drive was in the middle of a copy function when suddenly without warning the drive motor just stopped working.

Here is the circuit diagram for that drive motor board. Heh, I found a reference to the CXB and found this page. Turns out the zener’s used to regulate the Vcc to the CXB, so it probably isn’t too critical.

But it does give you datassheet point of reference–you should whip out your DMM and check the voltage across the zener–it should be very close to the zener’s stated voltage. If it is, the diode’s good and best not dataseet poke it with a stick to see if it’s bad.

Leave the dog alone and go looking elsewhere–with the datasheet, you know what the functions of the IC pins now are. Originally Posted by Chuck G.