?couponCode=ab Curso Ábaco Japonés (soroban), Festival Japonés de la Ciudad de México, Mexico. Sat Sep 19 at pm, El ábaco japonés no sólo. Si siempre soñaste con poder moverte por todo el aula, y que tú puedas estar detrás de tus alumnos, observando cada una de sus actividades.

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Friday, 21 December Triangle Solver Solves triangles. You select which pieces to enter so you don’t need to remember which case you have. Allows you to name your triangle. Even graphs your triangle. With a user-friendly interface, it provides easy access to any of the important formulas and theorems needed in calculus. Very good review if you are going to take the AP Stats Exam. This nostub program should work on all 68k calcs, including the TI Woroban.

And that’s not it!

This program shows all steps of the operations. Brainz Brainz is a new math suite designed to meet the needs of the average high school student. It comes with the following components: A full documentation and source code is listed here: Calculate Digits of Pi A small C program that calculates the value of Pi to the precision that you specify up to digits.

Convert a number of any base to a number of the chosen base ,bases bounded by 2 and Garbage characters bug fixed, new feature: Multiplication by the Chinese Box Method This program multiplies two numbers enclosed in strings of virtually any magnitude, although the numbers must be the same length as in number of digits.

It is also a nice bytes on-calc for constrained spaces. Coin Flipper This is a simple coin flipping program for 68k calculators. It can flip about a million coins a minute, and can flip upwards of 2 million coins! Data Regressions Program will find the correlations of linear, exponential, and variation functions.

Datareg gives options like finding the equation of the best-fit function, graphing the best-fit function, and finding all of the functions. Call with no arguments for syntax. Dist3D This program calculates the distance between 2 points in 3 dimensional space.

Can also be used to calculate didtance between 2 points in 2D space.

Japonês – teste de qi, nomes, alfabeto, letras e cultura japonesa

The Division Algorithm v3. Il permet de calculer l’ecart-type d’une liste de variables cursi d’une liste d’effectifs. Egyptian Fractions By Ascending Denominators Use this function to find the unit fractions that sum to the given fraction by order of increasing denominators as a result of this, the code is slightly less optimized.

As xoroban result of code optimization, fractions are returned in the order of descending denominators. Erlangb Calculator This program returns the number of servers required given the traffic in erlangs and the blocking probability. Factors A small, fast program that finds the factors of a woroban and returns them in a sorted list.


Factors Factors finds all the factors of numbers and does it very quickly. A convenient little program. It uses less than 5KB of memory, it can factorize numbers over a million in less than 3 seconds, and it displays the time taken as well as the number of factors of the number, the sum of the factors of the number, and whether or whether not the number you requested to be factored is prime.

A new interface has been created. Also, Sum of Factors and Prime Detection features have been added. Timer may be slightly off, so if you want to check the time it takes to compute factors in “Factors! This program uses the algorithm of fast exponentiation.

With divers extra informations like name, description, Please read the Readme. Formeln-Bibliothek Elektronik My formula library with lots of formulas I used during my electronic engineer apprenticeship. Do not use FSplit with the Formula library! Get Names This is a small program that will search the input for all variable names it contains. Hail Expression Writer This program gives the user a graphical user interface for writing equations in 2D. Hypergeometric Distribution Cumulative Desnity Function This program calculates the Hypergeometric Distribution cumulative desnity function c.

This program calculates the Hypergeometric Distribution probability desnity function p. This version includes usage instructions.

Implicit Differentiation Alpha Alpha-level function to solve implicit differentiations of the nth-degree. Works on AMS 1. Implicit Differentiation Finds the implicit derivitive of y in terms xe x. There are 3 versions each with a different conversion method.

Answers can be returned in either symbolic or approximate form and will be output in a way similar to the answers returned by the solve function. Now, all values in the constraint expression are treated as critical points and are used in the range evaluations to improve accuracy. The source code is now included and i have added a background image using RLE compression. The engine, named lbramcaldoes all the number crunching, while lbram for TIOS 2. Be sure to read the readme file on the archive, as well as the readme in the program itself.

This is an update for the LBram program. The original version only found the correct answer on the interval [0,n]. Linear Equation Solver Extreme v1. LESX also solves systems graphically, including 3D graphing. LESX is an integrated teaching aide designed to assist students in understanding key concepts in Algebra. LESX also solves systems with comprehendable step-by-step directions for solving systems algebraically. Mandelbrot set This program generates the mandelbrot set. You can choose xMin, xMax, yMax and the number of iterations.


You can exit the program with ESC. Minterms Frontend for program called ‘logic’. Generates minterm expressions which can then sorroban simplified. Remainder Checker Brute force program to check the remainder of several incremented numbers against user-chosen ccurso.

Il permet de calculer la moyenne d’une liste de variables et d’une liste d’effectifs. Numeric Derivitive Quickly calculates a numeric derivitive. Matrix Osroban This program will numerically invert matrixes. It does this much faster than the OS can. Il permet de calculer n nombres premiers.

Soroban Brasil – Ábacao Japonês

Pascal’s Triangle This program returns the given row of Pascal’s triangle as a list. This program sacrifices size for speed, so beware. This is a polynom division utility: Such calculation is the heart of any RSA cryptosystem. PrimeFinder 68k A very light-weight program 1kb that finds all prime numbers from 1 to the high millions. Features pausing and adjustable scrolling speed. Works on all 68k calculators. Primes Very powerful prime numbers generator.

Tells if a numbre is prime one and can sorobzn give lists of prime numbers.

sorobxn Prime Number Generator This nifty little program takes an upper and lower limit from you and then quick as a wink spits out all the prime numbers in between. Prime number Generator A nostub,etc math program that will generate all possible prime numbers when given the time.

Pythagorean Legs Given the hypotenuse of a right triangle, this program finds every possible pair of integer legs that yields the given hypotenuse. Breaking via ON key is supported. Pythagorean Legs This program finds integer legs ce right triangles with a given hypotenuse.

Classical limit of bosons in phase space

The program takes minterms and dontcares lists and returns one or more lists of prime sooroban that form the minimum cover. Another function converts the output to a sum-of-products expression string. Quadratic Root Finder This is a very simple program that sorobab the real roots of a quadratic equation. It automatically determines if a result is a perfect square or a complex number. Discrete Random Variable Calculates the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a discrete random variable cugso n inputs.

ResistrosTool Calculation with Resistors, it’s the german versin, an english one is comening soon!!! Resistors This program returns the value of a resistor, given the color of its bands.

Each color is represented by a single character inside a string see documentation for more details. Il permet d’inverser une liste. Roman Number Converter v1.