Citarum River, Indonesia The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. Around 5 million people live in the river’s basin, and most of them rely on. Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. Widodo wants the Citarum river to be clean and drinkable. Citarum River used to be a vital part of an ancient kingdom in Indonesia. In modern times, the river plays a role for water power generation.

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Enforcement has been weak and this has caused only Using water from the Citarum causes skin ailments and in some cases, even hairfall. It is causing erosion so the river becomes more easily to dry and trash cannot flow.

People were using water from the river to wash their clothes. In many stories, the locals frequently said that the river used to be really clean and clear.

The kingdom and the river shared the same name, Tarum, which was derived from an indigo plant Tarum in Sundanese that flourished around the area. If you decide to gather your courage and cross the river with a boat, be prepared. Yudi Zanibar is the military commander of citrum IV and he is in charge of cleaning 14km stretch of the river. Pikiran Rakyat in Indonesian.

Heavy equipments are used to clean up the river, but new trash comes in every time. Using water from the Citarum for irrigation has also contaminated paddy fields, hindering the healthy growth of crops evident from their discolouration. BenanainMinaNoel BesiPono. Skip to content Search for: Because the fish had been largely gone, the fishermen turned to be garbage collector for living. They lament that the river turned to be dirty and appalling. The Citarum River comes from two words, namely Ci and Tarum.


After heavy plolution, once the river subsides, it leaves huge piles of trash on the river banks. Clogged with domestic waste, and contaminated by harmful chemicals, is this the most polluted river in the world? The Citarum has been called the world’s most polluted river. He says every day endless piles of trash enter his territory. Citarum is divided into 23 sectors for the clean-up programme.

Let us unite to clean the Citarum. The water, which has been tested, is proven toxic and it brings health problems. The revitalization is occurring from Mount Wayang through eight regencies and three cities for a distance pollutjon kilometers.

However, the economic growth from the textile sector brings with it a tremendous environmental expense.

Citarum, the most polluted river in the world?

The effect on the local ecosystem has been devastating. Daughters of al-Shabab What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what challenges are they facing when they return to their communities? Learn how your comment data is processed. He also said he hoped that the provincial and central governments would follow suit, as even with evidence, enforcing the law on environmental offenders was a long and expensive process.

The hardest challenge for authorities is tackling industrial waste. The water river is used to irrigate rice paddies. Seven lollution military personnel pressed into service to clean up one of the world’s most polluted rivers. Bridge over the Citarum River. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The river, now known as one of the most polluted in the world, is unrecognisable as part of the Parahyangan region. We also saw tens of people who live on the banks of the Citarum, using its water for their daily activities.

The gargantuan task of cleaning Indonesia’s Citarum river

Djuanda Jatiluhurall supplying the electricity for the Pollutin and Greater Jakarta areas. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.


Sign up for our Newsletter. Even toiling away in the fields is a challenge — Mr Yusup said he coated his body in a plllution of salt and soap, to prevent any direct contact with the toxic water used. The Jatiluhur Dam with a 3 billion cubic meter storage capacity has the largest reservoir in Indonesia.

Before, Citarum has many fish species such as walking catfish, suckermouth catfish, common carp, minnows, poolution many more. One of the major impacts of the textile industry in Bandung, Indonesia is the quality of water of the Citarum river.

Rivre ] Some of the negative impacts on the Citarum river include:. Together, they provided local groups some financial support so they can have businesses that turn trash to cash. Hopefully, we can see a result that can make people and the environment happy. Pollution has affected agriculture so much that farmers have sold their rice paddies for half their normal price.

The Most Polluted River in the World, Citarum River, Indonesia | Austro indonesian Arts Program

Latin American rivers among most polluted in the world, says new study. In January, military personnel began clean-up efforts, picking up domestic trash that were thrown into the river. The government, however, is hopeful that this time will be different. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The locals and the river have been polultion benefit from this support.

The mercury contamination level in the river has been above normal.