Satyal’s lovely coming-of-age debut charts an Indian-American boy’s transformation from mere mortal to Krishnaji, the blue-skinned Hindu deity. Rakesh Satyal is an American novelist, best known for his Lambda Literary Award-winning debut novel Blue Boy. Blue Boy won the Prose/Poetry Award. Read Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal by Rakesh Satyal for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Mar 01, Martin rated it really liked it.

Playing with dolls; choosing ballet over basketball; taking the annual talent show way too seriously…the very things that make Kiran who he is also make him the star of his own personal freak show…. I believe that the author’s idea of incorporating humor into the novel was a good one because it is enjoyable, and at the same time he allows the protagonist to “blow steam off.

Rakesh Satyal

I commend the author on picking up such a delicate subject and handling it well. Kiran, just came off as a little snot Kiran is a highly artistic, creative, and spiritual child.

I felt embarrassed reading it–it was like watching a really poor one-man show Or facing raiesh, splayed across a chest, lolling around like a plate of Jell-O, the eye quavering. There are heartbreaking parts and funny parts and frustrating parts. Before I tear this novel apart, I will share one thing that I found refreshing.

I am the calm in the middle of the battle.

Blue Boy by Rakesh Satyal

View all 5 comments. For obvious reasons, this is disturbing. So, I pushed “Download to My Kindle” and didn’t look back. As the story works up to the dramatic denouement — the school talent show — Kirtan literally begins to see himself as a reincarnation of the Blue God, with tragic, but ultimately redemptive consequences.

Here, Satyal manag This book was, on so many levels, a surprise to me – and a delightful one at that. Cincinnati in the early s isn’t exactly a hotbed of cultural diversity, and Kiran’s not-so-well-kept secrets don’t endear him to any group. Some of the major situations are very vividly described and that brings the scene to life but equally vivid and detailed are the descriptions of gardens and roads and houses which are unnecessary and slow down the pace of the book.

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A cup of butter. I am blue, too. The irony of the situation makes the novel quite interesting as well.

They want to express themselves and be true to their nature but at the same time they want to fit in. As portrayed in this conversation, a funny misunderstanding takes place between Kiran’s teacher, and his mother when Kiran’s teacher catches him reading dirty magazines such as Penthouse.

He is completely his age: Dec 07, Nick Daiker rated it it was ok. Many gay coming of age stories, in fiction and in real life, share some common elements: I don’t think Kiran is gay, i think he is quite confused with his cultural norms conflicting with what he sees around him every day and does not feel comfortable talking to his parents about his feelings.

It has explicit sexual references and some scenes in the novel, which are important to the story, but bkue me were just slightly uncomfortable to read. By fakesh so the author touches on a topic that most gay boys have to struggle with.

Want to Read saving…. He’s a hlue boy who doesn’t vy any friends and is looked upon as “weird” in school because of his predisposition to be more feminine than masculine.

Lambda Literary

He is awakening to his sexuality at the age of 12, so it’s a bit uncomfortable. This book hits on some pretty mature topics such as a preteen boy discovering his sexuality and coming to the revelation he may not be like all the other boys his age. View all 8 comments. He is different and he just wants to keep his light shining even if his peers don’t approve and tease him. There are a few aspects of the book that I found challenging. He’s a dirty little voyeuristic, school-burning-down, tattle-taling shit.

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The author graduated from Princeton’s creative writing program, and some of the story is based in his own life and experience.

Jul 25, Larry H rated it it was amazing. Who’d have guessed that a novel from the perspective of a smart, artistic, and flamboyant sixth-grade boy could cover so much emotional ground?

Rakesh Satyal – Wikipedia

Jul 05, Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: The tone of the author is also sarcastic and funny but at the same time serious which makes the novel intriguing and interesting. Found it on the library shelf! Jul 14, Spider the Doof Warrior rated it really liked it.

Bleu is your average boy For Kiran Sharma, a long, strange trip is about to begin — a journey so sublime, so ridiculous, so painfully beautiful, that it can only lead to the truth…. Just read the book. His book readings are well-attended and very entertaining.

As an only son, Kiran has obligations — to excel in his studies, to honor the deities, to find a nice Indian girl, and, above all, to make his mother and father proud — standard stuff for a boy of his background. The tenacity of spirit he shows whenever he goes after what he wants inspires me perhaps bj the point of pursuing my own ballet class with a little too much gusto after I finished the book.

Kiran feels real from the first page.

So I really hated this one. Feb 13, Dakesh rated it it was amazing Shelves: This show is what the entire novel leads up to.