Blood and Beauty: A Novel About the Borgias [Sarah Dunant] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF. As an acclaimed author of Italian historical novels, it was only a matter of time until Sarah Dunant turned her attention to the notorious Borgia. In her evocation of this scene in “Blood and Beauty,” her novel about the notorious Borgias, Sarah Dunant sends papal guards rushing to save.

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Review: Blood and Beauty, Sarah Dunant – Girl with her Head in a Book

Most of the time, history is interesting enough on it’s own without people running around making assumptions and ssrah to rash conclusions. Like any historical fiction writer, Dunant makes deliberate choices with the more shady aspects of the Borgia story.

Bribing, charming and manipulating his way to the top, the new Pope Alexander begins the novel very well pleased with his lot — his glee in his success is almost child-like, but always there is the seedy underside.

The Phantom Tree, Nicola Cornick. This city was the perfect backdrop to showcase the political acumen of Alexander VI, Cesare Borgias, and, eventually, Lucrezia Borgias. It’s a subtle work with a large scope, and I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read a physical copy. Dunant’s characters read like sketches a historian might reconstruct from letter fragments and secondhand evidence about people long dead, not living people with a rich emotional life, as duannt in fiction need to be for a novel to be compelling.

Mar 11, Pages.

Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant – review | Books | The Guardian

As for Lucrezia, she is part of the price Borgia paid for his Papacy – though only 12, she must wed to shore up an uneasy alliance with the powerful Milanese Sforza family. More than this, though, the characters are unbelievably realistic. I find it generally more difficult to follow what is happening especially in the beginning and they very clearly expose flaws in writing though, this book was well written so that is not a particular concern here.


Rising above this challenge through a series of canny political manoeuvres, Alexander proves less able in his ability to control his children.

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Lucretia is treated by Dunant as a beautg girl growing into a strong woman but Dunant ignores much about Lucretia’s governorship of Spoleto and totally omits her long history as a co-ruler of Ferrara and as a supporter of bloox arts. So we might approach this current book believing it to be a significant departure.

Published July 16th by Random House first published May I give Dunant full marks for not getting bogged down in trashing Lucrezia’s reputation. Aug 01, Alecia rated it did not like it. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. If you are looking for a book about the Borgias that reads like an episode of Showtime’s The Borgias, steer clear of this book.

Hardcover dunabt, pages. Rodrigo himself is thought to have bribed Think of Renaissance Italy and one name tends spring to mind: Such meaty material warrants a readable, exciting book!

There has been a great deal written about the Borgias, not to mention television shows, movies and even video games centered around them. But it is also the turbulent land sarag Savonarola and Machiavelli; the incubator of syphilis and the birthplace of the siege engine, an agglomeration of rival dukedoms, principalities and republics that encompasses some of the most viciously disputed territory in man’s history.


Somehow I never felt the urge to get back to it, which baffled me because I’ve always liked Dunant’s writing.

For a family whose power came from the Church, were you surprised by their seeming lack of piety? I won this book from that other site I sometimes frequent. Yet beneath all his dunnt and jewels, Dunant also paints him as an early victim of the new French disease, the pox.

In the Company of the Courtesan: It was certainly an interesting way to write a history book.

The device sarag slightly better in the scenes with dialogue because it was relegated to the dialogue tags, but the actual dramatic scenes themselves suffered from a kind of stifling dullness.

I was also disappointed by the way that the romance between Lucrezia and her Spanish lover was developed or not.

Blood and Beauty

If history has left some blanks in this regard, Dunant fills them. I don’t know how good other novels about beaufy are, but I’ll take this one as the gold standard. However much effort it takes.

I told myself I would read more books from different time periods of history and I did that, thanks to Mom. In the Name of the Family: She brings fifteenth-century Italian cities vividly alive.