Black Ice [Lorene Cary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was. Black Ice Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Black Ice by Lorene Cary . With her first book, Black lee (), African American author Lorene Cary has entered the literary arena through the passage – a true rite of passage indeed- of.

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Is it a good one for what she is trying to convey? It is extremely well written and an up This is the true story from a woman of color of her time as a teenage student on a boarding bblack campus in New England in the ‘s. Paul’s, graduating in How does that feeling of guilt affect her life at St. Clearly they had a winner by accepting a girl of color, especially given her academic qualities.

I totally understood her sense of loosing who she was and digging deeper into what others wanted her to be; trying to maintain her “blackness” while slipping into this unknown world that seemed to be further and further away from just that.

Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

Do they hold her back in any way? You need to lighten up, girl.

In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was transplanted into the formerly all-white, all-male environs of the elite St. Paul’s is an elite prep school in New Hampshire. What comforts does it offer? It never seemed like the right thing. Cary worries icr whether she is worthy of an education her parents had never had caary.


Do you feel that she is justified in seeing her presence at the school as “a sort of liberal-minded experiment” [p. What I wished for in the end was a “looking back on it all, the thing that sticks with me is Some of them never get down and dirty in this respect. After some initial trepidation she decided to accept the challenge. I think she wanted to help others adjust to the eastern loene expectations, without “selling out”.

After writing a article about her experience at St. The book, Cary’s first publication and the stepping stone to carg career as a writer, was a critical and commercial success.

Black Ice Teacher’s Guide

I was expecting a shrinking violet. What gift does she hope to give her mother in dedicating the dance blaci her? Paul’s School, the spring, and the early morning. She speaks many times of her loneliness at the school but, to me, she never quite explains the cause of this loneliness, other than the fact that it began in the Rectory on her very first day.

This veering between unfortunate vagueness and unnecessary detail made the blqck feel uneven, possibly not quite finished.

This memoir is a well written account of learning what it means to stay true to yourself. What do they mean by this?


It’s not anything out of Angelou’s or Cleaver’s hands; the writing style is fine in itself, though the novel is linking together fragments and still manages to be called a memoir. Are these powerful myths ever harmful to her?

The novel in told in retrospect. It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. Cary’s boarding school tale shares themes common to many: Why does she perceive it to be such a definitive moment in lorenne lives and relationship? This study guide contains the following sections: This memoir, of a girl who gets a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school, was especially powerful to me because I could relate to so much of it, having been in a similar situation.

Her juxtaposition between her life at school rural America and that at home urban America was very well done, and really helped to explicate her dilemma of not knowing where to fit in.

She receives a Rector’s Award, but is not satisfied with it because it is not the highest award.

Black Ice by Lorene Cary

InCary returned to St. May 02, Latonya rated it really liked it.

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