Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack MX a 6 Channel Mixer MXA Incl Power Supply & Manual. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Behringer Eurorack MX a Mixer W/ Power Supply. BEHRINGER EURORACK MXA 6 Ch Mic/Line Mixer w/Box, Manual & Power . View and Download Behringer Eurorack MXA user manual online. 6 channel ultra-low noise mic/line mixer. Eurorack MXA Mixer pdf manual download.

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I do not regret the purchase at all, despite my low regard for the brand. I’ve eeurorack a couple of friends who bought a Mackie but don’t need all the inputs.

All user reviews for the Behringer Eurorack MX602A

The Audiophile’s inputs are RCA unbalanced mono allowing the signal coming out of the Eurorack to go directly where it’s supposed to go, and sending the ground hum to the ground of the card.

I literally got to disconnect power cord to turn it off. To accurately set input follow the procedures given in section 7: If you try, you still hear it at both ends, but the meters are nonfunctional. But even with the sound geek jargon, the manual conveys the pride and excitement of the Behringer team and I felt like they really want me to be happy with their products.

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bdhringer The only thing I don’t like is the instruction behringef. They sum the signal from the mic into a single signal and then split the signal into a right and left signal.

That would be perfect. The pots feel to be pretty good quality. The design is very nice and the case is robust. This tutorial only applies to people using sound cards that have a single balanced input that accepts left signal on the tip and right signal on the ring.


Again, I’ll give feedback on how it goes. The signal will always run through it even if you are not using it. For the price, the number of features is incredible!

Did you find this review helpful? I think that it would affect the entire signal and not just the guitar. Overall, the Behringer MXA is a solid little mixer for the money. Behringed didn’t like the metering. I just got done emailing a handful of Mackie-addicted buddies of mine to tell them about this board. What kinda disappointed me is that it doesn’t have a power switch Atleast not one that i’ve discovered yet.

It is convenient, inexpensive, and performs remarkably well. Oops, except the line level at the Bose.

I cant thank you enough for the attention on this. This is known to harm the signal and many mixers above the pro-sumer level must eurorrack the EQ engaged manually to use it. That looks like a workable solution.

I have a CD player, a tape deck, a keyboard, and a mic plugged into it. We recently updated our sign-in procedure and if you have old sign-in data cached, this can mx602aa a problem. Table of Contents Add to mx60a manuals Add.

Wouldn’t call it crap at all. This means eurorsck the ground drain from all of your electronic equipment on the same circuit, or your house, or apartment building, or even sometimes your entire housing community will now be running into your audio signal!


And it looks cool. The sound is consistently good for all applications that I’ve used it for. It’s so small and light that I’ve put scratchy velcro on the back and it holds fast to the fuzzy fabric on the side of the amp. I’d take it to war. This is BAD for sound cards that offer a single input such as the typical stock sound card that comes with computers because they input and output stereo signal through a single TRS cable.

The problem is that you cannot rout the tape in to the control room and main mix at the same time. This review was originally published on http: I think that if the house board was set to a “neutral mix”, my local control should be sufficient to control any changes, just as I would do with just the Bose, in my normal gig configuration. Though a three piece might be ok!

If you try, you still hear nx602a at both ends, but the meters are nonfunctional. The difference that this mixer has bhringer to my recordings without breaking the bank is too great to express. Safety Instructions The user behringger not attempt to service the appliance beyond that is described in the Operating Instructions. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I recommend these mics highly. Does one know where one can obtain a bean-pie or yolk-free eggs. Peak meters read more-or-less independent of frequency.