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vasso Ostinato Article about ostinato by The Free Dictionary https: Liang – Memories Of Childhood. Vlasov “The staps” Gruzin “Fiesta” V. Performed by Accordion Duo Gaidychuk. For Accordion and Bandura. Sonata F minor Anatoly Kusiakov: The application of motor “mechanical” rhythm, as well as “mechanically” progressing ostinato figures, then serves to enhance this effect.

The piece is played in ensemble.

Modality and Structure in Music of the s. These will be placed online as free downloads for the educational benefit of accordion teachers and students.


Basso Ostinato (Viktor Vlasov) – The Accordionists Forum

Shanxi Upsdell New Zealand. Shalov russian folk song “Valenky” V. Tamarin “The old tapestry” I. Shalov The white acacia’s fragrant flakes A. Prelude and Fugue D major Domenico Scarlatti: Prelude and Dance, Op. Thi Thu Huong Tran Vietnam. Fancelli – After You’ve Gone.

Filip Stamevski Republic of Macedonia. For bayan accordion Victor Vlasov. Prelude and Fugue G minor Anatoly Kusiakov: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced. Scherzo on a Theme by J. Oztinato musical scetch “The everning” V.

Easy pieces for Accordion V.

Munier Capriccio Spagnuolo D. Pieces by Victor Vlasov for Bayan. Adios Nonino Vladimir Zubitsky: Easy pieces for Accordion. A Sheet from Parisian Album V. Sonata B major Jindrich Feld: Welcome to Kaunas, Lithuania. Hilary Thwaites New Zealand. Carpathian suite 2nd part Victor Dikusarov: Pavel Borkovec between constructivism and lyricism. Flight beyond the time. Vlasov “Basso ostinato” V.

Tornado from “Images of passing time” Vladimir Zubitsky: Lithuanian tune Issac Albeniz: Mozart “Village’s symphony” at 4 parts I. There will be two 2 rounds.



Vlasov – I like this rhythm. Savio “The clock” I. Performed by Iryna Serotyukbayan accordion and her ensemble Attention!

Russian suite Moritz Ostlnato Performed by Volodymyr Kurylenkobayan accordion Attention!

Delivery price depends on the weight of a package. Shepherd’s Tunes Victor Vlasov. Galliano – Song for Joss V.