Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies. (). The Indies were discovered in the year one thousand four hundred and. Bartolome de Las Casas’ The Devastation of the Indies: A brief Account and the context of. Spanish colonisation reveal that the colonisers were repressive and. THE DEVASTATION. OF THE INDIES: A BRIEF ACCOUNT by Bartolomé de Las Casas. T. THE INDIES’ were discovered in the year one thou- sand four.

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The blindness of the chief Governors of the Indies not permitting them to discern, that no man can be called a Rebel who is not before a Subject. And the Christians, with their horses and swords and pikes began to carry out massacres and strange cruelties against them.

So that now the whole Region lay waste and desolate, the inhabitants being all fled to the Mountains for safety. According to those laws, the encomienda was not to be considered a hereditary grant; instead, the owners had to set free their Indian serfs after the span of a single generation. Of the fourth Tyrant that came well instructed lately in the year Neither do we now wreck on those that died under the intolerable yoke and burdens of their captivity. He gave me this answer, Pray sir be patient, for I was commanded by those that sent me, that those that I could not take by fair means, I should seize by force: But because it is so irksome to me to rehearse these Bloody acts not of men but of beasts, I will no longer dwell upon them, but go to those things which followed after.

Bartolome de Las Casas | Biography, Quotes, & Significance |

The sons of nobles among us, brought up in the enjoyments of life’s refinements, are no more delicate than are these Indians, even those among them who are of the lowest rank of laborers. There was the house of a Noble bartklome distant from Panama above 15 miles; he was by name called Paris, and he was very wealthy in Gold; to him the Spaniards came, and cxsas him they were entertained like Devastatiom, he giving to the Captain, as a Present, fifteen thousand Crowns; who by that perceiving that he must of necessity have a very great treasure, feigned a departure, but about the middle of the night returning again entered the City, set it on fire, sacrificing the poor people to the flames.

This Tyrant with three hundred men made war upon these innocent Indians living peaceably in their houses, and offering injury to none, destroying many people. The Captain of the foresaid Spaniards called to him one of the Noble men of this Country, and commanded him to take these Idols and to distribute them among his people, and bring in exchange an Indian man or woman for every Idol, otherwise threatening to make war upon him; the foresaid Lord out of fear took those Idols, giving every one of them to his subjects, commanding them to worship them, and also to send back in recompense to the Spaniards some of their people to serve them.

The word being thus given, the Soldiers all fell on, and with their swords began to hack and hew those delicate bodies, spilling that generous and noble blood with such an unheard of malice, that they left not one alive. His several works include Historia de las Indias first printed in On the island of Hispaniola, the Spanish were herding people into a straw building and setting fire to it, burning the occupants alive.


Among which there was none that they used more then dancing and reveling, which they performed all night long in the streets. By this intolerable labor, or rather diabolical exercise, they have consumed all the Lucayans, for their particular gain; out of every Indians labour gaining above fifty or a hundred Crowns. And as for the poor Captives they served them with so much zeal and affection, that they could require nothing more then adoration it self.

Neither were they ashamed to lade and burthen Women with childe, as if they had been only csas for carriage. So many, and so many several regions they so utterly depopulated, that they hardly left a Messenger of these sad tidings, but those which hiding themselves in the Caverns and Bowels of the Earth escaped the thirst of their enraged swords.

Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies

And because it was a fruitful Country, there went thither at several times several Captains, succeeding one another in cruelty, so that every one striv’d to outvie his predecessor in the inventions of exquisite torments to afflict the poor people. With still others, all those they wanted to capture alive, they cut off their hands and hung them round the victim’s neck, saying, “Go now, carry the message,” meaning, Take the news to the Indians who have fled to the mountains.

Now by reason that there were beams in the house whither the Indians got up to avoid the fury of the German swords; therefore O cruel beasts the Governor sent certain men to set fire upon the house, and so burnt them alive: Of the Island of Cuba In the year,they went over into the Island of Cuba, which extends as far in length as it is from Valladolid to Rome, in which there were many fair Provinces, inhabited with an infinite number of people, where the humanity and clemency of the Spaniards was not only as little as it had been in other places, but their cruelty and rage much greater.

The purpose of A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies was to convince the King of Spain to take action on the mistreatment of the indigenous people of the Americas.

De Las Casas juxtaposes the inhumane mistreatment of the Spanish conquistadors with the inherent goodness of the indigenous people in an exaggerated manner in his strategy of persuasion.

His name came into prominence again in the latter half of the 20th century, in connection with the indigenista movements in Peru and Mexico. American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. He wholly destroyed the City it self, which the other Spaniards who were wont to harrace all the sea coast, were notwithstanding much troubled at, abominating acions so hainous committed against them who had been so courteous and liberal to them, and where they had been entertain’d as in their own houses.

Whereupon every one took a hundred less or more, according as his occasions required. Discovery protest of Spanish enslavement of Indians In Christianity: But the book itself is short. It depicts Las Casas working at his desk, as an Indian companion watches. One of the Associates of the President that he might enclose his Garden with a wall, used the service of eight thousand Indians, and because he afforded them neither food, nor wages, they all perished after a most sad and lamentable manner.


He commanded these Spaniards to go pillage and depopulate other Countries, permitting to these Robbers, and Hangmen, to bring away and enslave what number of these poor people they pleased: Among the first–and most insistent–voices raised in that debate was that of a Spanish priest, Bartolome de Las Casas, acquaintance of Cortes and Pizarro and shipmate of Velasquez on the voyage to conquer Cuba.

He returned to the Indies where, inhe became the first priest ordained in the New World.

This the tyrant himself confessed, writing that this County was more populous then the County of Mexico, as indeed it was. Note on the Translation of. The failure to recruit a sufficient number of farmers, the opposition of the encomenderos of Santo Domingo, and, finally, an attack by the Indians themselves all were factors that brought disaster to the experiment in January Domingue, being five hundred miles in length, might be till’d; which promises I am very confident he would cheerfully have performed; and then might the King of Castile have had a revenue of above Three millions of Castilian Crowns, and there had been still remaining in the Island above fifty Cities as large all of them as Seville.

All the Lords and Noble men, were kept a while in chains, and afterward at the Commandment of the Spanish Captain, tied to stakes and burnt to death. He father, a merchant, sailed with Columbus on his second voyage to the “New World. These things, most invincible Cesar, I have learnt by experience. The former was written as an introduction to a proposed book called Historia de las Indiasand the latter was published as a stand-alone summary of that book.

After three or four days were expired, some that had hid themselves among the dead bodies all over besmeared with blood, came with all submission imploring mercy and compassion from them; but they not at all regarding their tears, nor moved with their lamentations, immediately hew’d them to pieces.

This man in the space of fifteen years, which was from the yearto Account Options Sign in. Once-fertile islands are turned to desert, the wealth of nations plundered, millions killed outright, whole peoples annihilated.

During his final years Las Casas came to be the indispensable adviser both to the Council of the Indies and to the king on many of the problems relating to the Indies.

“A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas

Infinite of other things they did, taking captive bartolone poor people against all faith given. They by many degrees crueler then the rest of whom we have spoken shewed themselves more fierce and greedy then Tigers, Wolves or Lyons; for having a jurisdiction over the Land, and therefore possessing it more freely, devastahion bestirred themselves with greater fury and covetousness in the heaping up of Gold and Silver, then any of their Predecessors had done before them; laying aside all fear of God, or of the King, and forgetting all humanity.

Some of the secular Spaniards who have been here for many years say that batrolome goodness of the Indians is undeniable and that if this gifted people could be brought to know the one true God they would be the most fortunate people in the world.