Linking to External Webpages Using AS3. By Blue_Chi Linking to another webpage in AS3 is achieved by using the navigateToURL() method. This method is. NavigatetoURL and URL Request both Together doesn’t work in Flex As3. Hi experts, I have created sample code here. I need to send two calls on different. For html validation purposes; I’m using a javascript ufo (unobtrusive flash objects) method of embed. Here is my AS3 code which is in a.

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If the syntax appears to be invalid, the POST operation is subject to the security rules applied to uploads.

IOError — The digest property of the request object is not null. Some APIs allow you to launch content in a web browser.

Looks up a class that previously had an alias registered through a call to the registerClassAlias method. For instance, unintentionally allowing javascript: Richie Jan 10 ’12 at QuinStreet does not include navigxtetourl companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

Quick Navigation Actionscript 3. Error — If the method is not called in response to a user action, such as a mouse event or keypress event. HTML still navigatetoufl as strict nicely using the ufo.


The following example illustrates the syntax for launching the Android Market app. Jan 11, 3: Hello, Have you been able to resolved this problem. The following example opens the URL http: Our button is now ready, it is time to start the ActionScript.

The encoding and decoding contexts do not need to use the same class for an alias; they can intentionally change classes, provided that the destination class contains all of the members that the source class serializes.

Kornesh Kanan: getURL in ActionScript 3 (navigateToURL)

The var keyword is used to create a variable. The search parameter is set to find the Flash Player app. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus.

For example, the following code opens the www. Some browsers do not support using the javascript protocol with the navigateToURL method. So how would you accomplish the task? To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. In order to command our button to execute any action, we need to use an event listener registered with the MouseEvent. Throws ReferenceError — The alias was not registered.

This tutorial will teach you how to use ActionScript 3.


Opening a URL in another application

Expand the User Interface category and drag an instance of the Button component to your stage. You may have to register before you can post: To examine the server response, use the URLLoader. AIR can send and loads all kinds of information without the limitation of regular FP. You can learn more about AS3 variables by reviewing our tutorial on this topic. Please don’t sign your posts. This example uses the registerClassAlias function to register an alias com.

What is target here? For html validation purposes; I’m using a javascript ufo 3. Therefore, developers should validate all URLs before passing them to this function.

actionscript 3 – Opening a URL from Flash using navigateToURL (AS3) – Stack Overflow

Limit my search to this forum. Thus, navigating to tel: If not found, an exception will be thrown.

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