A more advanced type of robot than Robot that allows non-blocking calls. The JuniorRobot has a simplified model, in purpose of teaching programming. A HitRobotEvent is sent to onHitRobot() when your robot collides with another.

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In a typical turn, the battle manager thread wakes up each robot thread, and then waits for the robot to complete its turn that is, calling a blocking API again. I caught up with Mathew Nelson, Robocode’s creator, and asked him about his original motivation for creating Robocode. This simulation engine, shown in Figure 4, leverages the non-preemptive threading that most modern Java VMs offer, and couples it with the rendering capabilities provided by the JDK GUI and 2D graphics libraries.

Some upcoming enhancements Mathew has planned are:. I have looked over websites and adjusted my code so it can move unpredictably.

As the robot creator, you can choose to handle various events that can occur during the battle. You can pause and resume the battle, terminate the battle, destroy any individual robot, or get the statistics of any robot using the controls available in the arena.

Like chasing another robot. Robots are written in the Java programming languageand the Robocode game can run on any operating system supported by the Java Platform, which includes all common operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux etc. To alleviate potential problems with shared resources and thus potentially deadlocking or choking the simulation enginea very loose coupling is required between the battle manager thread and the robot threads.

The robot vehicle, the gun, and the radar can all rotate independently: So, the loop repeat the same operations in each second. Robocode’s battles take place in a battlefield, where small automated 6-wheeled robots fight it out until only one is left.


None of these commands will return control to the program until they are completed. A robot in Robocode consists of one or more Java classes. We are now ready to try our first battle. For a project that debuted as recently as July 12,Robocode’s climb to fame is nothing short of phenomenal. A battle manager thread manages the robots, bullets, and rendering on the battlefield.

Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. For more history, read the Chronicles. Personal tools Log in. Furthermore, when the vehicle is turned, the direction of the gun and radar will also move, unless indicate differently by calling the following methods:.

They will be available within the robot’s run method, as well as any other helper methods that you may create. Next, you will be prompted for a unique initial, which will be used for the name of the package that the robot and potentially its associated Java file will reside in. From here, you can invoke the Robot Editor and compiler using the menu.

Rock ’em, sock ’em Robocode!

The battles are simply for the excitement of competition that we love so much. The fireBullet version of the call returns a reference to a robocode. The actual frame rate is adjustable by the user. Figure 2 illustrates a typical Robocode robot. The sample package included with Robocode provides code for many other robots, as well.

Robocode API Documentation

I came to ask about Robocode robots. Each Robocode participant creates his or her own robot using elements of the Java language, enabling a range of developers — from rank beginners to advanced hackers — to participate in the fun. For our first robot, DWStraight, we’ll update the code as shown in bold in Listing 2.


The battlefield is where the battle between the robots plays itself out. Robocode user groups, discussion list, FAQs, tutorials, and Webrings can be found throughout the Internet.

Area 3 This is the second part of a typical run method implementation. Robocode will automatically find robot classes within packages placed in its robots directory. You can find the rest of the Robocode API in the Javadoc, which can be accessed from either the battlefield’s help menu or the Robot Dobocode help menu. I think I did it. Here, within an endless while loop, we’ll program the repetitive action that a robot may be involved in. Any robot created with the Robot Editor and successfully compiled is in a ready-to-deploy location for the battlefield.

Physically, each robot is an independent Java thread, and the run method contains the logic that will be executed on the thread. Robocode is a programming game where robocore goal is to code a robot to compete against other robots in a battle arena.

Once you have downloaded the distribution, which is in a self-contained installation file, you can use the following command to get the package installed on your system assuming you have a Java VM JDK 1. The code is straightforward and we will not analyze it here, but I encourage you to try it out. Enter DWStraight at this prompt.