Andy Timmons — Electric Gypsy (ver 2) Tab ELECTRIC GYPSY As recorded by Andy Timmons (From the Album THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW). Electric Gypsy. By Andy Timmons. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Electric Gypsy. Listen to Andy Timmons in full in the Spotify app. Play on. Stream Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy by Yehoon Seong from desktop or your mobile device.

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Clean as in the sound your electric guitar makes not plugged in but amplified with a little reverb. There are really beautiful prebends with vibrado and colorful note choices. Well I have a digitech gnx4, ibanez tube screamer into a traynor guitar mate and a ‘s peavey mace vt tube head. Cosmin I electrci a question. This song was my introduction to Andy, his phrasing is excellent but hard to copy!. PosterBoy View Member Profile.

You can find more of me at https: Aug 18 This became a problem switching back and forth between guitars. I should record something as an example. The original song is tuned down a half step but the backing track I’m playing over is in standard tuning. The pre amp goes into a sonic maximizer then into the pedal board. Also is there tummons danger of running an amp with no speaker attached? I’m not sure if it was a bad idea, seemed fine with cabinets. Yeah he has a real nice tone. Thanks cosmin I’m gonna experiment tonight.


Id like to adopt the right hand technique of Leonardo Guzman, he uses his fingers like a pianist, I use my whole arm to strike It was 4am too so I don’t know.

From there the signal goes into my fire wire unit via 2 xlr cables.

Before any effects the dry guitar was hard to play. I may be able to get 1 12″ cellestion in a songle peavey cab then mic it Ill do some experiments tonight. Appreciate it Oh one main problem I had was trying to mimic his tone, it is clear and elwctric overdriven much but sometimes it was.

I would use that one with the bridge pickup I think – it’s not that bad. I learned this song using two methods.

It has a very distinct Screaming F over the Emin7. Aug 17 The first solo was one ggypsy would make me stop and really pay attention while it played during work.


The gain should be obtained timmlns the amp and booster – try that and let me know how it feels. Ok so keep in mind that I lost my cabinets because of space. The first method was watching these videos http: Timmosn let’s see what the other guys have to say about this IMG: That is exactly what I wanted to suggest, mate! If my volume level was down the harmonics would not come through and it seemed that I had to stick with a part over driven setting. The Tapped Harmonics section is clever and thought out.

Also I dont even have to turn the amp to the on position to get it to process the pre amp.


Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy (ver 2) Tab

Hey buddy – yes that’s the thing IMG: I will keep practicing and learning. Rlectric it did seem tougher. The first example is clean no tube screamer, second with tube screamer. The 4th one – I don’t think that one is ok – it sounds artificial and with too many highs.

I rebuilt the peavey and replaced all caps and resistors and tubes. So I like basically 2 types of guitar sounds.

Let me know if it’s clear, ok? You are playing everything at the same dynamic level.

More by Andy Timmons

It is hard to remember because of how long it its and as the band enters Andy plays this beautiful lick that took me so long to zndy out. This solo still needs a little work but I had to eventually just shoot and run with what I could.

His tone is a lot darker and warmer than yours Jim, but he manages not to get it sounding muddy and still has clarity and definition. Id like to find a tone similar to his. Is this setting with the stompbox in the effects loop still a cheesy sound like in my Andy timmons video or is it ok because the amp gets first whack at my guitar?