Naipaul’s controversial account of his travels through the Islamic world was hailed by The New Republic as “the most notable work on contemporary. Among the Believers is V.S. Naipaul’s classic account of his journeys through Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia; ‘the believers’ are the. The novelist VS Naipaul has caused an outcry by comparing the in the Muslim world for his books Among the Believers and Beyond Belief.

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May 12, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: There are no people in this book, simply caricatures illustrating the point. That would surprise me given what I had heard of him.

Among the Believers – V. I have always believed that, if one wants to learn, one should travel. You are not logged in If you have already registered please login here If you bslievers using the site for the first time please register here If you would like access to the entire online archive subscribe here Institutions or university library users please login here Learn more about our institutional subscriptions here.

Among the Believers by V. S. Naipaul

Such a portrayal of the Muslims is regarded as impulsive and intolerant Being a traveler he is unaware of the Pakistani religion and their social and religious norms. I didn’t like him. Preview — Among the Believers by V.

A fine observer and a good writer, he makes the world which surrounds us more clear, amony transparent and, unfortunately, more unsettling. Refresh and try again. No overarching thesis is stated, though Naipaul’s brief is essentially the claim that Islam doesn’t seem to offer much in the way of meaningful social or educational or political reform for the countries in question. One could easily misunderstand Mr Naipaul as an irritated Brit in Islamic countries of Middle East and Asiabut below the irritation is a genuine disappointment of a man who went in search of something good or beautiful that so many believe, but found only hypocrisy as in any religious society; nevertheless he travelled in earnest and inquired with sincerity.


Onward Muslim Soldiers

A traveler must not incorporate his own views, ideas and ideology in the travelogue but it is done consciously and unconsciously sometimes. His concluding sentence about Pakistan — ” To me its appeal is as bland as the nondescript euro bills.

In this way Naipaul draws an image of Pakistan as a women oppressing backward masculine state while adopting a superior and disdainful tone as if all this thing were not rampant in West too, once upon a time. The novelist VS Naipaul has caused an outcry by comparing the “calamitous effect” of Islam on the world amonv colonialism.

The book is interesting in its little details and imagery, but you know the man set out to be-little and scorn the nations and their attempts at islamization, if you can call it that. This theological teacher also supports Khomeni despite of his Shia inclinations just because Khomeni banned Women from appearing on TV.

Shortly after the Revolution toppled the Shah of Iran and established and Islamic Republic there, the journalist V.

Dia berksempatan mengunjungi seorang Ayatollah Khalkhali yang merupakan tangan kanan Khomeini dan tidak simpati dengan sikap si Ayatollah yang membanggakan dirinya sebagai hakim yang memutuskan hukuman mati buat para mantan kroni rezim Syah, termasuk kebanggaannya memiliki senpi yang dipakai mengeksekusi Hoveida, Perdana Menteri nxipaul Syah Iran.

Now, nearly 30 years after the book was published, one could argue that some of his predictions have come true. An Islamic Journey he focuses on the role of religion, as he sees it, in affecting the creative and intellectual resources needed by nations to develop on their own.

Naipaul has used narrative authority and the main purpose of naipwul narrative authority is just toconvince the readers and making the text more pleasing.

The representation of Islam in political terms is what depicting his sarcastic nature when he says: He is so present on the page, he’s honest and self-aware, he takes me with him even when, after a moment, I realise I disagree.

Secondly he does appear to have set objectives very early on in the book and seems rhe go out of his way to meet individuals with those views.


Naipaul used particular travel writing techniques and approaches are included. The government, desperate for legitimacy, is turning towards Islam; the sharia is allowed, though never imposed.

First element used by Naipaul is tone. It was new and nebulous, and the average activist clearly had no clue on how to formulate an alternative nai;aul system, even to justify his own action.

An Islamic Journey is a book by the Nobel laureate V. From the first page it was apparent that Naipaul arrived with some mission that he took very seriously. But there’s very little description or sense The book is sheer intellection. This point is well made and I generally agree with the thesis, well expressed in the following excerpt – “.

It is essentially a travelogue in which he interviews various people, students, religious leaders, taxi drivers, hotel workers, interpreters, etc I can’t help thinking there was more to their thought processes than Naipaul let on. However the book was painful. May 23, Raghu rated it it was amazing. Skipping the portrayal of the lush green beauty of the valley the writer only focuses on the dark elements and suchexaggeration does not give an appealing sense to the valley.

He compare Karachi as a fishing coast in with modern port and main city of western half of the new Muslim state of Pakistan. To my mind, it’s an entirely new form. The only females with full interviews are two school girls identified by the color of their robes.

Then, he skipped the main hinterland, Punjab which he described as marshy, waterlogged and covered with salt. Islam and Arabism merge imperceptibly into one another. He gives many references to extremism and associates it with the culture and religion.