We visit Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi’s experimental housing project in the Gallaratese district of Milan, completed in Stretching out over feet, the front façade of Aldo Rossi’s Gallaratese housing block stands as a challenge to all the apartment buildings around it: do it, do it. Located in the city of Milan, the Gallaratese II housing complex has the capacity to house inhabitants. Aldo Rossi designed the complex at the ‘Gallaratese.

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Housing Typology: Gallaratese – Architecture Blog

At Gallaratese, Aymonino designed complex typologies of apartments, stacked up upon each other at various recessions, alternating glass blocks with balconies and red window frames. His forms were always very basic, coming from recognisable roots or typologies, but overlaid with the imagination of the architect. His architecture was built to endure generations and be reused and repurposed according to the needs of future societies, an idea that lead to the clean, rational design, to the simple architecture of colonnades, balconies and oversized circular columns, symbols open to interpretation.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I can remember that a few people shuffled across this monumental empty space while I was looking, appearing and disappearing; a woman with some shopping, a few children.

He argued that these forms must be respected and implemented in order to keep the historical city in harmony. His postmodern approach was known as neo-rationalism or neo-fascism by his contemporary critics.

The public realm acts like a room in itself with degrees of transparency that define open or closed spaces. But it still has this melancholic, monumental quality that made such an impression on me thirty years ago. Harry Lambert At Gallaratese, Aymonino designed complex typologies of apartments, stacked up upon each other at various recessions, alternating glass blocks with balconies and red window frames.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. He argued that buildings should be general in their form and non-specific about their function, because if they last their use will change over time. Often now we are working with existing buildings, fragments or historic interiors requiring change, in which we are looking for some continuity in the design that can ease the distinction between the old and the new. After visiting the Biennale, I went to Milan to see the Gallaratese project. The building is about m long and is raised up on tall legs.

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At the mid-point, there was a sort of interruption of shapes in the gallqratese, a massive rise of steps and some big round columns. It had an amazing presence for its small scale, moored just near the huge dome of the basilica Santa Maria della Salute.

Aldo Rossi May 3, — September 4, was an Italian architect and theoretician, well known for his very austere architecture and design. At that time, the idea of looking at the history gllaratese architecture for models was new, and also completely different from the open-ended empiricism of my architectural education.

Inspiration; Aldo Rossi’s Gallaratese Housing

It was Rossi who said that his basic principle was to persistently hold to only one theme. It was moving that such concrete simplicity could hold such allusions. Thank you for registering to the newsletter. The whole building is relentlessly basic and singular in its concept.

Aldo Rossi Gallaratese — Inessa

Years later people will walk past it in the sun and the rain and if it is done well they will appreciate its lasting quality, even if it has been modified or they are using it quite differently from how you intended. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Rossi had the idea that buildings should show the passage of time and these columns remind me of the famous picture of him standing between the columns of the Parthenon on the Acropolis. You also think of aqueducts and amphitheatres, how their horizontality and scale gives definition to a topography, and what it might be like to live on a bridge with its open views.


Gallaratese housing in Milan by Aldo Rossi

The theatre was a beautiful building, its singularity wonderfully judged in its situation and for the event. The order of machines acts as mediator between rooms, it is the servant system that defines the space as being a house. Everything was painted an ivory colour. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The flats are arranged between parallel walls above the arcade on two and three floors with deck access.

At operational level, understanding house typology from history helps formulating conclusions and achieve critical thinking. When architect Carlo Aymonino started working on the designs for an affordable housing complex commissioned by the City of Milan inhe wanted to reflect his neo-rationalist ideas and theories for a future urban community.

The order of dreams on the other hand is the housing block. First, squatters controversially occupied it. Underneath it is an arcade that apdo at the street and extends into the centre of the estate, leading to other buildings.

But it was also quite clear that he wanted to design an icon that would go down in history.

The machines that service the building are represented by the various types of stairs that mediate between the various types of spaces.