Why is my name not in PMAY list?

There might be various reasons why you are not in the PMAY list. One of the most common reason is that you are not eligible or your documents have been declined.

Many a times, while filling application form for PMAY, people tend to make mistakes like filling wrong name, misspelled names, wrong address or address different from Aadhaar card etc.

Make sure you have not made one of the following mistakes –

  1. Your name and personal details in PMAY application is correct.
  2. You have attached all documents required for application.
  3. Your documents have same name and address as the application form.
  4. You belong to the eligible category for PMAY eligibility.
  5. Your annual income is not above EBC class.

If you are sure, you have not made any mistake among these, you can contact PMAY customer care number – 1800-11-6446 , 1800-11-3377 , 1800-11-3388 , 1800-11-6163 .

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